Common Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes
Vacuum cleaners are essential cleaning instruments in your house, and almost every household in the world owns this vital cleaning tool. But improper use can cause more harm than good.
Miele Triflex - Available Now at Superior Vacuums
Is taking out and getting your vacuum cleaner together a tedious chore already? Are you tired of buying cheap vacuums that break down easily? If you are saying yes to all of these, you’ll be excited to know ...
Vacuums For Your Commercial Space
The right vacuum can make all the difference between a clean, bustling commercial place and a shabby one. As such, it becomes crucial to choose the right vacuum for your commercial space.
Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Parts
If you are operating your vacuum often, sooner or later, some components will need replacement. When this happens, it's essential to know which vacuum cleaner parts are necessary to the operation.
Why Choose a SEBO Vacuum?
Nothing quite compares to SEBO vacuums when it comes to performance, reliability, and durability. So, what makes these vacuums special and why should you choose a SEBO vacuum cleaner over other brands?
The Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuum Systems
Proven by doctors and medical research teams for its effectiveness, Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuum Systems can lower allergy symptoms by almost 61 percent. These vacuum cleaners are simple to use and engineered to...
Hardwood Floors: Best Vacuum Types
Did you know that vacuum cleaners can potentially harm the hardwood floors in your home? Choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner can damage your hardwood floors, creating an expensive problem to fix. Trust the ex...
Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Over time, the technology, design, and size of vacuum cleaners have changed significantly. Currently, the competition has been between cordless and corded vacuums. As rega...
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Uses
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Uses The vacuum cleaner is among the most popular household appliances available today. However, a cause for confusion may be the many different parts that they come with. These va...