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Our Vacuum Cleaners:

In Calgary, our vacuum cleaner store has a huge selection, including shop vacuums perfect for wet and dry cleaning. You can find cordless, canister, upright, robot, handheld, and central vacuum cleaners, along with HEPA vacuum cleaners for better air quality.

We feature top-tier brands such as Dyson, Miele, SEBO, Henry, Karcher, and Bissell, guaranteeing superior performance and durability. In Calgary, our store offers shop vacuums for every need. Whether it's a powerful shop vacuum for tough cleaning or a lighter one for daily use, we've got it. With 36 years in the vacuum cleaner business, we know how to provide the best.

HEPA Vacuum Pro:

We are your go-to source for HEPA vacuums, designed to trap even the smallest particles and allergens. These powerful vacuums pull in dust, pollen, and pet dander, making your home or office cleaner and healthier. We've got a bunch of easy-to-use and maintain models, so you're sure to find one that's just right for your space.

Our HEPA vacuums are great for cleaning large spaces or just spots, getting the job done well and fast. Our top-notch products and know-how make sure your place stays fresh and free of allergens. Trust us to enhance your cleaning routine with the best HEPA vacuum technology.

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Pet vacuum Collection
Pet Hair Power:

When selecting a Pet Vacuum, it’s crucial to find one that truly caters to pet owners’ needs. While many vacuums claim to be perfect for pet hair and carpets, the key feature to look for is an electrical powerhead. This tool is great for picking up pet hair, something non-electric nozzles usually have a hard time with.

The best pet vacuum should let you adjust the powerhead height to clean different carpet heights well. Knowing these things can improve how you vacuum, especially if you have pets at home.

For a deeper dive into choosing the right vacuum for pet hair 🢂.

Vacuum Cleaner Hints & Tips:
  • Hardwood Flooring: Choose a vacuum that's gentle yet effective on hardwood surfaces.
  • Type of Flooring: Match the vacuum to your specific flooring type for best results.
  • Bagless Vacuum: Simple to empty, no need to buy bags, but vacuums with bags can make the air cleaner because they catch more dust, especially if they have HEPA filters.
  • Estimated Delivery Times to Major Cities: Check how quickly you can get your vacuum delivered to your area. Check Here 🢂.
  • Cleaning Performance: Look for vacuum picks known for their strong cleaning power.
  • Stick vacuums: Ideal for quick tasks and as a backup vacuum.
  • Canister Vacuum: Great for getting all floors cleaned with the right powerhead.
  • Robot vacuums: Good for quick sweeps but not for deep cleaning or getting carpets fully cleaned.
Vacuum Cleaners hints and tips

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We now offer free delivery across Canada on all orders starting at $49.99 and above. Order today and get your items delivered to your doorstep for free!

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You can return any unused or working floor cleaning products, components, or other purchases within 40 days of receiving them. You cannot return some items, like cleaning products, air purifiers, and refurbished machines.

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At Superior Vacuums, we have been helping the people of Calgary for more than 36 years. We offer a variety of vacuum cleaners for homes and businesses." Our locations in North and South Calgary offer sales, service, and parts to assist dealers in Southern Alberta.

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