What is a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner? Complete Guide!

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: Definition
  2. The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Vacuums
  3. Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
  4. Commercial Vacuum Cleaners in Residential Places
  5. Top Commercial Vacuum Brands
  6. Where to Buy Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Introduction: Definition

First, let's define what a commercial vacuum cleaner is. A heavy duty commercial vacuum is a machine used mainly in commercial cleaning in business places, cleaning contractors, offices, hospitals, factories, and other large environments.

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners?

picture for comparing residential vacuums and commercial vacuum cleaners


Residential vacuums handle smaller spaces and less frequent tasks, typically 2 to 3 times a week. In contrast, commercial vacuums tackle large cleaning jobs, efficiently covering up to 10,000-20,000 square feet or more in a single use.

Filtration System:

Commercial vacuums tend to have higher quality filtration systems, such as HEPA filtration system or hospital-grade filtration with multiple stages. Advanced filters are important in places like hospitals and businesses where indoor air quality is crucial. They are better sealed to prevent any dust or allergens from escaping.

Famous brands test their commercial vacuums to ensure they meet high standards for tough and delicate environments. They put the vacuums through strict certification processes. This ensures that the vacuums are suitable for use in a variety of settings. The certification processes are rigorous to guarantee quality and performance.


Commercial vacuums offer larger motors. Residential vacuum motors are typically around 1200-1250 watts, while commercial vacuums can have motors of 1700 watts or more. Some commercial models even have dual motors for extra strong suction during tough cleaning tasks.

Bag Capacity:

Commercial vacuums usually come with larger bag capacities. For example, while the SEBO D4 Premium residential vacuum has a large 6.5-liter bag, some commercial vacuums offer capacities of 10 liters or more.

Attachments and Accessories:

Image in Store showing the difference bwteen a commercial vacuum brush and a normal one

Commercial vacuums come with larger, more advanced attachments and a greater variety of accessories. For instance, there's a significant size difference between a Dyson cordless vacuum brush roll agitator and a commercial scrubber roller brush.


Commercial vacuums need a three-prong power cord, while residential vacuums usually have a two-prong cord.

What are the Types of Vacuums Cleaners for Commercial use?

This image shows some types of the commercial vacuum cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of types, each designed to meet specific cleaning needs in various environments. Here are some of the main types:

Commercial Canister Vacuums: These vacuums are versatile and powerful, suitable for cleaning large areas. They are easy to maneuver and come with various attachments to handle different surfaces and types of dirt.

Upright Vacuum cleaners: Upright vacuums are great for large carpeted areas because they have strong suction and wide cleaning paths. People often use them in offices, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

Wet & Dry Vacuums: These versatile machines can handle both liquid spills and dry debris. They are perfect for environments like workshops, factories, and construction sites where both types of messes are common.

Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners: Lightweight and portable, backpack vacuums allow for easy movement and access to hard-to-reach areas. They are often used by cleaning staff in large buildings, such as schools and airports.

Floor Scrubbers: Designed to clean hard floors, these machines scrub away dirt and grime with rotating brushes and cleaning solutions. They are essential for maintaining clean and safe floors in commercial settings like malls and warehouses.

Floor Sweepers: Ideal for sweeping large areas quickly, floor sweepers collect dust and debris from hard surfaces. People use them in places like parking lots, sports arenas, and industrial facilities.

Carpet Extractors: These machines use hot water and cleaning solutions to deep clean carpets, removing embedded dirt and stains. Hotels, conference centers, and other areas with extensive carpeting commonly use them.

Steam Cleaners: Utilizing high-temperature steam, these cleaners sanitize surfaces without the need for chemicals. They are perfect for environments that require high hygiene standards, such as hospitals and kitchens.

Floor Polishers: These machines polish and buff hard floors to a high shine, enhancing their appearance and prolonging their lifespan. People use them in places like retail stores and office buildings.

Air Blowers: Air blowers are necessary for drying floors, carpets, and surfaces quickly. They help prevent slips and maintain cleanliness in areas that require fast drying. People often use them in combination with wet vacuums and carpet extractors.

Can You Use a Commercial Vacuum in a Residential Place?

Yes, you can use a commercial vacuum in a residential place. Professional cleaning contractors often use them because of their suction power, durability, and overall performance.

Remember, commercial vacuums are heavier, pricier, and their maintenance might cost more. But they need less maintenance overall depending on the usage. If you seek better air quality and deeper carpet cleaning, a commercial vacuum might be your best choice.

What are the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Brands?

Many brands are on the market, but we trust certain names based on our extensive experience in the industry. Some of the most durable and high-performing brands include:

  • Karcher
  • Nilfisk
  • Johnny Vac
  • Nacecare
  • Esteam (for deep carpet cleaning)
  • Sanitaire
  • Numatic

Where to Buy the Top Commercial Vacuum Cleaners?

Commercial Vacuums Canada Store superior vacuums

We recommend seeking professional advice, especially for commercial vacuums. Large-scale retailers such as Super Store, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot carry various brands. Best to see a full product demonstration before choosing a commercial vacuum.

At Superior Vacuums, our team has over 100 years of combined experience. Our experts can guide you to the perfect choice, showing you all the pros and cons and providing a full demonstration.

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