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Industrial Equipments Maintenance and Repairs

Commercial and industrial vacuum repair
Partner with Superior Vacuums – your trusted solution for commercial vacuums, janitorial equipment, and repairs. Serving Calgary and Alberta's industry leaders for decades, we ensure top-tier maintenance. Elevate your business standards with our reliable services. Connect with us for tailored solutions today.



Why Us?

Superior Vacuums: Your premier choice for vacuums and janitorial equipment in Calgary and Alberta. With 35 years of industry expertise, we've been a trusted partner for thousands of individuals and businesses. Whether in sales, maintenance, or repairs, our commitment to excellence has earned us the #1 spot as your top service destination.

We provide comprehensive B2B solutions for your commercial vacuum and janitorial equipment needs. Our services encompass scheduled maintenance, cleaning, diagnostics, and prompt repairs, ensuring your business operations run seamlessly. Trust us for expert care tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, we provide mobile maintenance services, including periodic cleaning and servicing for industrial equipment, commencing every 60 days to ensure your machinery remains in prime condition. However, for repairs, our policy is to conduct all work in-house to leverage our comprehensive warehouse resources and sophisticated testing facilities effectively. This in-house approach, while maintaining the mobile aspect of our maintenance services, ensures we deliver the highest standards of quality and efficiency for your equipment's care.

Absolutely, we offer pick-up and delivery services for industrial equipment repairs. However, given the significant variation in machinery types, sizes, and weights, we kindly ask you to contact us via email or phone with details about your equipment. This enables us to fully understand your specific needs and ensure our pick-up and delivery services are perfectly aligned with the requirements of your machinery.

We specialize in servicing a broad spectrum of commercial vacuums and janitorial equipment, including carpet cleaner extractors, wet & dry vacuums, backpack vacuums, ride-ons, walk-behind machines and scrubbers. Our expertise covers a diverse range to meet the specific needs of your business.

Over the decades, we have proudly serviced and repaired a comprehensive range of leading commercial and industrial vacuums and janitorial equipment. Our expertise extends to renowned brands such as Kärcher, Henry, Ninja Esteam, Nilfisk, Carpet Pro, Sebo, Johnny Vac, Galaxy, Shop Vac, and many more.

Our commitment to prompt service sets us apart. You can typically expect feedback within a few working days. The actual maintenance or repair duration varies based on your vacuum's situation, often taking as little as one day for straightforward maintenance.

Absolutely. Our diagnosis is complimentary, and we'll discuss the vacuum's needs upfront. If any costs are involved, we'll provide a transparent breakdown. Rest assured, maintenance and repairs won't commence until we have your explicit approval.

Service availability depends on the nature of the job. For significant tasks, we appreciate a heads-up a week prior, especially during busy periods. However, we understand urgent needs and, when possible, can accommodate vacuum service within a few working days.

Scheduling routine maintenance is tailored to your vacuum type and brand. Like any motor-operated machine, regular service enhances longevity and performance. Frequency varies, with some machines needing service every 2 months, while others require attention every few years. Usage patterns also influence the maintenance schedule. Scheduling is easy. Simply reach out, provide details about your vacuum's brand and usage, and we'll tailor advice on the ideal routine service.

Our clientele spans diverse sectors, including esteemed names like SAIT, Sheraton, Marriott, Hotel Arts, and many more. Our track record of providing high-end commercial and industrial vacuum services has made us the trusted choice for businesses across various industries.

Absolutely. All repairs are backed by a solid 90-day warranty. Our confidence in restoring your vacuum to peak condition is backed by our commitment: should any issues arise within 90 days, we'll fix them at no additional cost.

Commercial Vacuum Repairs

Commercial Vacuum Repairs

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