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Central Vacuum Calgary: Premier Built-in Vacuum system

Central Vac Calgary

Central Vac Systems: Seamless, Efficient Cleaning
Best whole house vacuum for top performance and thorough coverage across all rooms. We offer a wide range of brands, but primarily recommend the elite Vacuflo and Nilfisk models. Our selection encompasses all built-in vacuum types—including True Cyclonic, Filtered Cyclonic, Self Cleaning, and disposable bag systems—ensuring a perfect match for any household's needs.

The Packages

nilfisk supreme 250
Experience efficient cleaning with the Nilfisk Supreme 250 Central Vacuum Unit. This small vacuum has great suction power and a large dirt container. It also has a HEPA filteration system for cleaner air. Enjoy peace of mind with a 15-year warranty and a special free Platinum Gift with your purchase.

The package also includes the Premium SEBO Electrical Kit, enhancing functionality with its high-performance cleaning capabilities.
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vacuflo DB3000
Experience enhanced cleaning with the HP Vacuflo DB3000 Central Vacuum Power Unit. This small but strong house vacuum system has powerful suction and excellent filtration. It can hold up to 4 gallons, keeping your home clean.

The SEBO ACCLAIM Premium Electric Power Head Kit comes with advanced cleaning capabilities. Plus, you'll receive a free Platinum Gift with every purchase, adding extra value to your cleaning routine.
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Vacuflo 466Q
Experience enhanced cleaning with the VACUFLO 466Q True Cyclonic Central Vacuum Power Unit. Designed for homes up to 5,000 Sq. This powerful built in central vacuum system has a True Cyclonic filtration and a 6-gallon capacity. It helps keeping your home clean without frequent emptying.

The SEBO Acclaim Premium Electric Power Head Kit comes with this unit. It makes cleaning different types of floors easy. Each purchase also includes a special free gift, adding exceptional value to your cleaning arsenal.
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Best Central Vacuum Systems: Tailored to Your Needs

When recommending a central vacuum system for your house, we consider numerous factors to identify the most suitable one. We design our power units to accommodate homes of any size, from compact to expansive.

We choose a power unit that fits your needs, based on factors like your home size and flooring type. We consider if you have delicate rugs or sturdy carpets. We also take into account whether you have pets, tailoring our recommendations to address pet dander effectively.

Additionally, we evaluate the need for external venting of the system. We make sure the system we suggest fits your needs perfectly, giving you the right amount of power without any extra.

Our central vacuum systems come with kits that improve their cleaning performance. These kits are designed to suck up dirt, dust, debris, allergens, and pet hair more effectively. We also oversee the installation process to ensure we set up everything for optimal performance.

This way, the central vacuum system you choose will keep your home cleaner and run more efficiently than you expect. A professional approach that guarantees the system will meet your expectations. You can be confident that the system will not only meet but also surpass your standards.

For more tips on picking the perfect central vacuum system, check out this quick guide.

Vacuflo Calgary Central system vacuum
Nilfisk Central Vacuum Calgary
Discover Superior Vacuum Solutions in Calgary

At Superior Vacuums, we specialize in built-in vacuum systems that redefine cleanliness in your home. Located in Calgary, we provide top-tier vacuum technology to ensure efficient cleaning and improved air quality.

What is a Central Vacuum Cleaner?

A built-in vacuum system is a cleaning tool with a power unit usually found in a garage or utility room. This system lets you connect a hose to any inlet in your home. You can clean without needing to move a unit around.

Why Choose Our Systems?

Selecting a built-in vacuum from Superior Vacuums means choosing unparalleled ease and effectiveness for your home cleaning. Here are a few reasons why our systems are the superior choice:

  • Powerful Cleaning: Our systems feature strong motors that provide exceptional suction, effortlessly removing more dust, debris, and allergens.
  • Our vacuums vent outside to prevent dust and allergens from recirculating in your home. This leads to improved indoor air quality.
  • These central home vacuums are installed in homes for easy cleaning. They can also increase the value of your property. This makes them a smart investment for homeowners in Calgary.
Leading Brands We Offer:

We’re proud to carry Vacuflo and Nilfisk—two of the industry’s most reliable brands. Vacuflo units come with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your system lasts for years to come.

The Advantage of Built-in Over Portable Vacuums

Portable vacuums are handy, but vacuum central systems are cleaner and more efficient. For those looking for a comprehensive cleaning solution that supports a healthier home, our systems are the clear choice.

Visit Superior Vacuums blog for information on why built-in vacuums are superior to portable vacuums like Dyson. There, you'll find detailed comparisons that highlight how our vacuum solutions can significantly enhance your cleaning routine. Read our articles to find the best system for your Calgary home and see a large change in cleanliness and convenience. Learn More

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We now offer free delivery across Canada on all orders starting at $49.99 and above. Order today and get your items delivered to your doorstep for free!

Return Policy

You can return any unused or working floor cleaning products, components, or other purchases within 14 days of receiving them. You cannot return some items, like cleaning products, air purifiers, and refurbished machines.

About Us

At Superior Vacuums, we have been helping the people of Calgary for more than 36 years. We offer a variety of vacuum cleaners for homes and businesses." Our locations in North and South Calgary offer sales, service, and parts to assist dealers in Southern Alberta.

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