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Central Vacuum Systems Calgary: Best Solutions

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Your All-in-One Central Vacuum Calgary Store for Best Central Vacuum Units, Parts, and Kits

Discover advanced Central Vacuum Systems in Calgary at Superior Vacuums. We provide the best power units, parts, and kits for every home size, backed by decades of expertise. Our detailed video explanations help you choose the perfect unit and parts. Explore our collection and solutions for superior cleaning and expert service.

Trust us for a cleaner, healthier home environment.

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Our best rated central vacuum systems:

When recommending the best-rated central vacuum systems in Canada for your home, we consider numerous factors to find the perfect match. We design our power units for homes of all sizes, from compact to expansive.

  • Home Size: We choose a power unit that fits your needs, considering your home's size and flooring type.
  • Flooring Type: Whether you have delicate rugs or sturdy carpets, we have you covered.
  • Pet-Friendly: Our recommendations address pet dander effectively, keeping your home clean.
  • Optimal Performance: We evaluate the need for external venting to ensure the right amount of power without any extra.

    Our best built in vacuum systems come with kits that enhance cleaning performance, effectively removing dirt, dust, debris, allergens, and pet hair. We oversee the installation process to ensure optimal performance.

    With our professional approach, your central vacuum system will keep your home cleaner and run more efficiently than expected. Trust us to provide a system that meets and exceeds your standards.

    For more tips on picking the perfect central vacuum system, Check Out This Quick Guide.

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Best Central Vacuum System Brands:

Selecting a central vacuum system from Superior Vacuums means choosing the best in the market. Here's why our systems stand out:

  • Powerful Cleaning: Robust motors provide exceptional suction, effortlessly removing dust, debris, and allergens.
  • Improved Air Quality: Our vacuums vent outside, preventing dust and allergens from recirculating indoors, ensuring better air quality.
  • Increased Home Value: Installing a central vacuum system can boost your property value.
  • Built-In Convenience: Our built-in systems make it easy to keep your home clean.

As an exclusive dealer for top central vacuum brands in Canada and the US, including Vacuflo and Nilfisk, we offer a full range of units, parts, and services. We take pride in tailoring the best built-in vacuum systems to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

Best Central Vacuum Units, Kits & Parts:

At Superior Vacuums, we offer top central vacuum units to meet all your cleaning needs. Our range includes powerful motors and advanced filtration systems, ensuring your home stays clean and healthy.

Our central vacuum kits come with everything needed for easy installation and efficient cleaning. We also provide a wide range of parts for brands like Beam, Astro Vac, Nilfisk, Vacuflo, Husky, Dou Vac, and more.

Central Vacuums in Calgary south store
vacuum free delivery

Free Delivery

You can now buy the best central vacuum cleaner anywhere in Canada and we'll deliver them to you for free. We offer free delivery on all orders starting at $49.99 and above. Order today and get your central vacuum system delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost.

Return Policy

You can send back any central vacuum parts, units, or kits within 40 days of getting them if unused. This applies to all new built in vacuum in Calgary. Some items, like cleaning products, air purifiers, and refurbished machines, are not returnable. Our return policy ensures you have confidence in purchasing from Superior Vacuums.

About Us

At Superior Vacuums, we have been helping the people of Calgary for more than 36 years. We specialize in providing the best central vacuum cleaners for homes and businesses. Our locations in North and South Calgary offer sales, service, and parts to assist dealers throughout Southern Alberta. We are a leading provider of built-in vacuum systems in Calgary and Canada, committed to meeting all your cleaning needs.

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Affirm 0% Financing

0% Financing:

Affirm offers 0% financing options, allowing you to make purchases without any interest charges. This means you can buy the best central vacuum systems now and pay for them over time without the added cost of interest.

Affirm's financing can help you purchase a high-quality built-in system or improve your budgeting. This makes it easier for you to afford these purchases.