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SEBO Vacuum Innovations for Home Cleaning

      Delve Deeper into SEBO Vacuums Technology
      Explore the outstanding efficiency and reliability of SEBO vacuum cleaners. Designed to meet diverse home cleaning needs, these vacuums combine superior cleaning power with durability and cutting-edge features, ensuring a clean home with less effort.


      Featured Products

      SEBO Felix
      Purchase the FELIX 1 PREMIUM, a versatile vacuum with a swivel neck and hand-held mode.
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      Award Winner 2023
      SEBO Airbelt D4
      Purchase the SEBO D4 Premium, a high-end German canister vacuum with an Electric Power Head.
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      Top of The Line
      Purchase the SEBO Felix Dart Upright Vacuum for efficient cleaning. It features a no-spin option, transforms into a handheld unit, and has an S-CLASS filter.
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      On Demand
      SEBO E3
      Purchase the SEBO Airbelt E3 Premium, a canister vacuum designed for all floor types. It offers powerful, precise cleaning with a user-friendly design.
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      Why SEBO Vacuums?

      Top Air Cleaning Performance

      SEBO vacuums excel due because of their S-Class filtration system. This system, featuring step hospital-grade filtration, captures over 99.97% of fine particles. It handles even excessively dirty microfilters, ensuring clean air.

      Efficient Three-Stage Process

      Each SEBO uses a robust three-stage filtration: a triple-layer Ultra Bag, a pre-motor micro-filter, and a class exhaust microfilter. This combination traps dust and allergens effectively.

      Sealed for Cleanliness

      The sealed filter system in SEBO Vacuum Cleaners prevents dirt from escaping. Approved by the British Allergy Foundation, SEBO keeps your indoor air pure, especially crucial for homes prone to dust and allergens.

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      Why SEBO is the Perfect Choice for Your Vacuum Needs?