How Much is a Henry Vacuum Cleaner?

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Discovering Henry Vacuums: Prices and Where to Buy!


In this article, we'll discuss general information about Henry Vacuums and the entire Numatic family. We'll also cover how much a Henry Vacuum costs and where you can buy one.

Do you know that Numatic sells Henry Vacuums?

Numatic International Logo

Numatic International, a British company known for manufacturing a wide range of cleaning equipment, produces Henry Vacuums.

History: Chris Duncan launched Numatic in 1969 with a rugged cleaner made from an oil drum and a washing-up bowl. In the mid-1970s, Duncan added a ribbon, Union flag badge, and a smiley face to a vacuum at a trade show, creating Henry. This playful design quickly became popular.

In 1981, Henry became the first Numatic model with a name on its lid, replacing the 'Numatic' logo. Henry introduced new high-capacity microfiber HEPA-FLO bags. This led to a sales increase of one million units per year by 2021. The face was originally printed on the body but is now on a removable faceplate for safety.

Other Numatic Models:

  • Hetty: Pink design, similar to Henry.
  • James: Budget-friendly, simplified design.
  • Charles: Wet and dry vacuum for spills and general cleaning.
  • George: Versatile, for carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.
  • Harry: Designed for pet owners, with a special filter and pet hair removal tool.

So, why is Henry Vacuum so popular, even more than the mother company Numatic?

Henry Vacuum Cleaner famous for its smile design. The picture is taken at our stores, Superior Vacuums Store Calgary, Canada

Numatic Henry Vacuum's popularity comes from its charming design, reliable performance, and engaging story. Created by Numatic International in 1981, Henry's cheerful face quickly made it a household favorite. This playful design helped Henry stand out and build a strong emotional connection with users.

Henry is friendly, powerful, and durable with strong suction for great performance and long-lasting use. While Numatic produces various cleaning equipment, none have captured the public's imagination like Henry.

Henry Vacuum is more popular than its parent company, Numatic, thanks to its fun design, engaging story, and reliable performance. Henry is not just a vacuum cleaner; it's a beloved character in many homes.

How much is a Henry Vacuum Cleaner?

This image shows the difference models of Numatic vacuums including Henry vacuum cleaner. It was taken at our stores, Superior Vacuums, Calgary, Canada

This question doesn't have a one-line answer because the cost depends on the accessories included, filtration system, floor tools and the model you choose. For instance, the Henry HVR200 costs about $600 CAD, while the Henry Xtra can reach up to $735 CAD. Generally, the Numatic canister vacuum collection ranges from $400 CAD to over $1000 CAD.

Numatic offers several other models in their vacuum range, including:

  • Hetty: Hetty is like Henry but with a pink design. It also offers strong cleaning performance and costs about $600 CAD.
  • James: A more budget-friendly option with a simplified design, James is priced around $500 CAD.
  • Charles: A wet and dry vacuum that can handle both spills and general cleaning, Charles is priced around $750 CAD.
  • George: George is a vacuum that can clean carpets, upholstery, hard floors, and even handle wet cleaning. It costs about $900 CAD.
  • Harry: Harry is made for pet owners, with a filter and tool to remove pet hair. It costs about $650 CAD.

Where to Buy Henry Vacuum Cleaner?

This Image shows our collection of Numatic Vacuums including Henry. It was taken at our store Superior Vacuums, Calgary, Canada.

Henry vacuums and the Numatic family of vacuums are widely available both in physical stores and online. You can find them on e-commerce websites like Amazon. However, it's important to seek professional advice to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The Superior Vacuums team boasts a collective experience of over 100 years. We will ask about your home, needs, and other details to help you find the perfect vacuum.

Explore Our Numatic & Henry Vacuum Cleaners Collection.

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