Nilfisk is a leading provider of cleaning products and services worldwide. Nilfisk’s vision is to pioneer innovative cleaning to make their customers’ lives easier and cleaning more efficient. Nilkfisk is committed to providing sustainable solutions to cleaning globally, with over 100 years of experience and technological innovation on its side.

Nilkfisk boasts a large variety of cleaning gadgets; they have scrubber-dryers, ride-on sweepers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, walk-behind sweepers, manual sweepers, as well as industrial vacuum cleaners such as their centralized vacuum cleaner systems!

Nilfisk was founded based on a vision for more efficient and effective cleaning for customers. The brand has consistently improvised with its products, constantly innovating with different types of technologies over the years. Nilfisk is a leading brand in the cleaning and cleaning service industry, with impressive cleaning products, excellent customer care, a commitment to making cleaning easier for their customers.

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