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      Miele Vacuums at Superior Vacuums, Calgary: Power and Elegance in Cleaning

      Discover Miele Vacuums at Superior Vacuums, Calgary. Innovative, versatile canister and stick models perfect for any home. Sleek design, powerful cleaning. Service and repair available.

      Customize Your Miele Using Filters

      Miele Vacuum Models

      Miele c3 canister vacuum
      Miele C3
      Canister Vacuums
      Miele compact c2 canister vacuum
      Miele C2
      Canister Vacuums
      Miele CX1 Canister Vacuums collection
      Miele CX1
      Canister Vacuums
      Miele c1 canister vacuum
      Miele C1
      Canister Vacuums
      Miele triflex hx1 cordless vacuum
      Miele HX1
      Cordless Vacuums
      Miele Triflex CX2 cordless vacuum
      Miele HX2
      Cordless Vacuums

      Which Miele Vacuum Fits Your Needs Best?

      Miele Vacuums powerhead
      Your Floor Type!

      Choosing the Right Miele Vacuum Powerhead:

      1. Bare Floors: Opt for a Straight Suction Head.
      2. Bare Floor & Thin Carpet (0.1"): Turbo Head is ideal.
      3. Bare Floor & Low Carpet (0.25"): Electrical Powerhead suits best.
      4. All Surfaces: Choose an Adjustable Height Electrical Powerhead.
      Amount Of Pet-Hair!

      1. Low Pet-Hair Amounts: Straight Suction Head.
      2. Medium Pet-Hair Amounts: Turbo Head.
      3. High Pet-Hair Amounts: Electrical Powerhead.
      Miele Vacuum Powerheads
      Miele Stick Vacuum
      Miele Boost CX1 Bagless Canister Vacuum
      Choosing a Miele Vacuum: Key Considerations!

      • HEPA Filter: Optimized for allergies and asthma, this system filters fine particles, improving indoor air quality significantly.
      • Personal Preference: Your choice is key across all Miele Vacuum variables.
      • Advanced Features: Every Miele vacuum is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
      • Quiet Operation: Enjoy the benefit of Miele Vacuum's whisper-quiet motors.
      • Task Duration: Opt for a Miele canister vacuum model for extended cleaning sessions.
      • Convenience: Miele Cordless Vacuum models are perfect for swift and easy cleanups.

      Miele Vacuum Multimedia


      Customers Praise for Miele Vacuums


      Third Miele vacuum bought, great suction and discounts. Highly recommend Miele!

      Margaret H

      Great service from Miele. Opted for Miele parts over cheaper options, and they delivered fast, fair solutions. Highly recommend.


      Love Miele for its reliable, high-quality products. Worth the extra cost. Definitely recommend to friends

      Phillip M

      Always loyal to Miele vacuums. Bought a new one even though my old one still works. Continuously impressed by their durability.

      F T
      Discover the Excellence of Miele Vacuums: Top 10 Reasons!