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How To Choose A Vacuum?

  • Cordless is Ideal as a Secondary Vacuum & For Quick Tasks.
  • Single Floor: Upright & Canister Vacuums.
  • Multi Floor: Canister & Central Vacuums.
  • Larger Multi-Floor Homes: Central Vacuum.

Understand The Main Types Of Nozzle Heads:
1. Straight Suction.
2. Turbo Nozzle Head.
3. Electrical Power Head.

  • High carpets (0.5 Inches) - require adjustable height nozzles feature.
  • Most vacuums are effective on low carpets, particularly with electrical power head or turbo nozzle head.
  • HEPA or S-Class filtration systems recommended for better air quality.
  • Electrical power heads for more pet hair.
  • Adjustable power head height feature is for Pet-Hair on High Carpets & Rugs.
  • Turbo heads for short & small amount of pet hair on low carpets.
  • Straight suction heads for pet hair on bare floors.
  • Straight suction head: Lower power.
  • Turbo nozzle heads: Medium power.
  • Electric power heads: High power. (Known also as Power Heads)
  • Higher wattage motors can also enhance performance.