BISSEL has been a leader in the cleaning industry for over 140 years, with high-quality vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and cleaning products. The company is family-owned and knows how messy the house can get after a night of family fun! The brand understands how the house can look when owned by a family; muddy footprints from the kids playing out in the rain, the family pets stealing food from the counter and bringing it onto the brand new carpet, BISSEL’s got you covered!

BISSEL’s philosophy is to let their customers have fun without worrying about the mess; this is why they’ve created a broad and diverse selection of cleaning products and technology to make the cleanup as easy as possible. BISSEL cleaning gadgets are pet-friendly and incredibly user-friendly.

When it comes to cleaning, be it the different types of floors or carpets, BISSEL knows what they’re doing, with 140 years of excellence under their belt! BISSEL also places a great deal of focus on being sustainable and environmentally conscious with their products!

BISSEL has carpet cleaners and vacuums and a wide range of hardwood floor cleaners, wet-dry vacuums, spin mops, cleaning solutions, and steamers. Their products are designed for strength and durability, lasting years with the same robust cleaning capabilities as they did when you first bought them. BISSEL’s vacuum cleaners have powerful suction; whether it’s a handheld vacuum or a robotic vacuum cleaner, you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re looking to buy your favourite BISSEL carpet cleaners and vacuums in Calgary, visit your nearest Superior Vacuums. Anyone who purchases a BISSEL vacuum or carpet cleaner has a cleaning pal for life; say goodbye to hating the cleanup; it's quick and easy with BISSEL carpet cleaners and vacuums!

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