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πŸ”§Β Unlock 35 years of vacuum excellence with Superior Vacuums! Calgary & Alberta's #1 destination for top-notch central vacuum services. From flawless installations to innovative retractable systems, we redefine vacuum luxury. Our reputation thrives on high-quality repairs and maintenance. Why settle for less? Experience excellence – call us now and elevate your central vacuum game!

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Similar to other motor-operated machines, central vacuums benefit from periodic maintenance, influenced by usage, type, brand, and other factors. Timely maintenance extends the lifespan, saving costs in the long run and preventing the need for premature replacement.

Absolutely, troubleshooting can be deceivingly simple, and the most effective solutions often lie in the straightforward steps that might initially be overlooked. Taking a methodical approach to problem-solving can unveil easy fixes for seemingly complex issues.

Yes, considering the nature of the issue, it's advisable to check the breaker for the central vacuum. Electrical problems often trace back to the breaker, so ensuring it's in the correct position might resolve the

It's essential to clean the filter properly. Flipping it to the other side before cleaning is counterproductive and can be detrimental to the motor's health, akin to putting the first nail in its coffin.

We offer a complete range of central vacuum services, including maintenance, repairs, installations, and retractable hose systems. With 35 years of expertise, Superior Vacuums is the exclusive dealer for Vacuflo & Nilfisk products, parts, and services in Calgary.

The turnaround time for your central vacuum depends on the service needed. Routine maintenance and simple fixes typically take a few working days.

Our diagnostic services for your vacuum come at no charge. We'll initiate the diagnosis of your vacuum in the next couple of days, followed by a detailed walk through of the issues affecting your central vacuum system. All repairs are backed up with 90 days warranty.

Yes, we provide in-home services. We visit your location to inspect and, if necessary, can pick up your central vacuum for repairs. Our service coverage extends throughout Calgary, and we also serve various locations in Alberta and select provinces.

Central Vacuum Repairs & Installs

Central Vacuum Repairs & Installs

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Originally called for a central vacuum maintenance that was not working. They walked me through what was wrong, and fixing the issues.

Jazz L

They fixed two different issues with my central vac over the last year. Both times the service was very quick, professional, and reasonably priced.

Heather R

They inspected my central vac quickly offered to replace the motor. Same day service, no charge and he even threw in a replacement belt for the power nozzle.


Every interaction was overwhelmingly positive. Their knowledge of central vac without a hard sales pitch. They installed the perfect system and fixed our under counter system back to new after it died. I can't say enough about this local business.

Todd H

I'm really happy with my central vacuum installation. Everyone went out of their way, it wasn't easy as this install was in an existing structure with no access

Steven R
Calgary, AB


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