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Avoid Financial Pitfalls: Choose the Right Vacuum!

1. Flooring Type & Nozzle Match-Up:

Understanding Flooring Types:

1. Bare Floors: Suitable for all vacuums.
2. Regular Carpets: Most vacuums work well.
3. High Carpets: (over 0.5 inches) - You may also want to include Big Area Rugs that are hard to move and clean without a vacuum.

  • Nozzle (Head) height is an adjustable feature on a vacuum that lets you change the distance between the brush and the floor for effective cleaning on various surfaces.

Miele power head
Vacuum HEPA Filter
2. understanding your filtration system & air quality desired!

  • Focus on Filtration: Essential for clean air quality.

  • Key Components:
    Vacuum Filtration System.
    - Air Tight System (Vacuum Seal Integrity).

  • Options:
    - Standard Filtration.
    - Advanced S-Class Electro-Static Filtration. (Learn More).
    - HEPA Filtration.

  • Impact: Better air quality with higher filtration systems like HEPA or S-Class.
3. Understanding Your home size:

Choosing the right vacuum also depends on the size of your home:

  • Vacuum Types: Canister, Upright, Cordless, Central Vacuum etc.
  • Decision Factors: Personal preference and home size.
  • Recommendation: Select based on the size and layout of your home. Each vacuum type has its own advantages for different home environments.

    - A possible drawback of cordless vacuums is the need to recharge them, potentially causing inconvenience if they run out of power mid-cleaning.

    - A possible downside of canister or upright vacuums is their weight, which might be challenging for vacuuming multiple areas or floors.

    - What's a Central Vacuums?

    A central vacuum is a vacuum unit installed in your garage, with hose outlets strategically placed around your home. This setup allows for effortless cleaning, as there's no need to carry the unit from room to room.

    It also eliminates odors and keeps dust confined to the garage, ensuring cleaner air inside your home.

    While offering ease of use and improved air quality, the main drawback of a central vacuum is its higher initial cost compared to more conventional vacuum models.

retractable hose system
vacuflo central vacuum
SEBO Power Head
4. How Powerful You Want Your Vacuum?

Suction Power:

  • Straight Suction Head: Lower suction power.
  • Turbo Head: Medium suction.
  • Electric Power Head: Higher suction (Best Cleaning Results On Carpets).

Motor Power: Affects suction power, ranges from 400 watts to 3000+ watts.

5. Considering Surface Area Size:

  • Nozzles vary in width and size.
  • For large areas, wide nozzles are best. They cover more area, reducing the number of passes needed during vacuuming.
Miele Power Head
SEBO Vacuums collection for pet hair
Finally.. Pet-Hair Friendly!

It's Simple yet nuanced.

  • For bare floors, most vacuums work on pet hair.
  • Given the variety in head types:
    - A turbo head nozzle is recommended for short and small amount of pet hair on low carpets and furniture.
    - Electrical power heads with height adjustment are best for medium to high carpets to effectively remove pet hair.

How to Choose a Vacuum - Conclusion

Here are some practical examples to help you better understand your ideal vacuum choice:

  1. For a Medium-Sized (800 to 1500 Sq Feet) Home with Pets, High Carpet and big surface area:

    Miele vacuums deals
    • Optimal Vacuum: Canister or Upright model.
    • Key Features: Adjustable nozzle height, electrical power head, and a wide nozzle.
    • Budget: Expect to spend between $400 to $1500 CAD, depending on brand and additional features.

  2. For a Small Home (Less than 800 Sq Feet) with Low Carpet or Bare Floor, and small surface area:

    redkey cordless vacuum
    • Optimal Vacuum: A Cordless model.
    • Key Features: Straight suction nozzle and a narrow nozzle head.
    • Budget: Around $200 to $1200 CAD, influenced by brand, features, and filtration system.

  3. For a Large Home Over 1500 Sq Feet, with Pets, High Carpet, and Wide Surface Area:

    Vacuflo central vacuum
    • Optimal Vacuum: A Central Vacuum system.
    • Key Features: Power head, adjustable nozzle head, and wide nozzle head.
    • Budget: Ranges from $600 to $3500 CAD, depending on brand, features, and filtration system.

When selecting a vacuum, consider these six essential factors for an informed choice: Floor Type, Filtration System, Home Size, Suction Power, Vacuum Surface Area, and Pet-Hair Compatibility. Opting for features that don't align with your needs can lead to unnecessary costs, so focus on what truly matters for your cleaning requirements.

Conversely, selecting a vacuum that lacks crucial features you need could lead to dissatisfaction and eventually, the need to replace it. It's also important to weigh other aspects such as vacuum price, vacuum brand reputation, warranty duration, and the cost of parts, ensuring a well-rounded decision.

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