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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Businesses rely on vacuum cleaners for a large part of their day-to-day cleaning tasks. As a business owner or manager in Calgary, you might not think much about what type of vacuums your cleaners are using. However, you must think about it because the right or wrong vacuum cleaner can leave long-lasting effects on your workplace. What vacuum cleaner you are using can affect your workplace’s daily cleanliness routine, the lifecycle of floor surfaces and furniture, and the air quality

Different types of vacuums suit different surfaces and tasks. A domestic vacuum cleaner may do the job, but businesses need dedicated commercial vacuums for professional cleaning. Choosing the right vacuum type and model will not only make cleaning hassle-free but also improve the cleaning quality. 

Why Choose a Commercial Vacuum

The right commercial vacuum will keep your workplace floors clean as per the floor’s material requirements. Also, it will prevent accidents that might otherwise result from slippery floors. Commercial vacuums are versatile, sturdy, and durable. 

Before heading to a vacuum store in Calgary, here are certain factors you must consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for your business:

Think about the space

If you are running a business in Calgary, chances are you have a larger workspace. It is not practical to use a residential vacuum in such a scenario because it will be challenging to keep up with regularly. If your business requires daily cleaning, such as two or three times a day, a residential vacuum will wear out quickly. 

Commercial vacuum cleaners are more durable and designed to cover larger spaces without wearing out or overheating. If your office is carpeted, there are many commercial carpet pro vacuum cleaners out there that you can choose from.

Think about power

Commercial spaces not only get much dirtier, but also leave behind paper clips, external impurities, and staples. Unlike residential vacuums, commercial models are designed to collect all types of contaminants and objects. They are more powerful, which results in better and quick cleaning. Workplace floors require the kind of power to collect some weightier matters. 

Think about durability

Durability is a crucial factor you need to think about when picking a vacuum cleaner for your business. Residential vacuum cleaners break down quickly when they pull in staples, paperclips, and other piercing or hard objects. Vacuum cleaners made specifically for businesses are more durable and designed to endure these objects hurtling through the beater bar and knocking around. 

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Types

Given the many types of commercial vacuum models on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With so many options and features available in each vacuum cleaner, making a good choice can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming for most people. Here’s a quick look at the most popular types of commercial vacuums and why they are best for commercial cleaning:

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums are the most common and popular models available on the market. They are available in different forms, with a varying number of motors and bag types. The single motor version is best for cleaning office spaces, hotel rooms, hospitals, and lobby rooms. They are portable and lights, which makes cleaning a quick job. Having superb dust control, single motor upright vacuums are easy to carry. They can be easily moved from one room to another. 

On the other hand, double-motor upright vacuums are best for more detailed cleaning. These units are heavier than the single motor version. They are popular among building service contractors, hotels, educational institutes, and restaurants. These models not only thoroughly pick dirt from the floor but also groom it at the same time. 

No matter if you choose a single motor or dual-motor upright vacuum, a high filtration bag can always be attached to it for enhanced dirt collection. You can easily unzip, remove, and replace the bag. 

Backpack vacuums

Backpack vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning stairways, cubicles, and spaces under furniture and other tight spots. This machine is adaptable. It comes fitted with a hose and wand to suck dirt and dust effectively. This unit can easily fit on the cleaner’s back, eliminating the need for repetitive back and forth movement of vacuuming. 

Backpack models are more navigable and portable. It offers easy maneuvering in densely populated space without troubling people in the area. It is an excellent choice for cleaning offices and classrooms in educational facilities. However, it is not a carpet pro vacuum. 

Canister vacuums

canister vacuum follows the same mechanism as a backpack model; however, it cannot be worn on the back. It comes fitted with wheels, making it easier to transfer from one place to another. This vacuum effectively cleans different types of surfaces. It a good option for workplaces having multiple floor types. 

Canister vacuums come with smaller and more navigable heads. They can easily clean spaces under furniture and other inaccessible areas. The good news is that these units have lower noise, which makes them ideal for businesses like hospitals. 

Wet-dry vacuums

If moisture and soil are common problems at your workplace, consider buying a wet-dry vacuum. Also known as a tank vacuum and industrial vacuum, these commercial vacuum cleaners are holistic, wet/dry cleaning systems. It can effectively clean both damp and dry surfaces and clean the mess, besides expediting surface stripping and refinishing. This unit is best for use in industrial environments like construction and renovation areas. The most popular model in this category is this Nilfisk vacuum.

Pick the Best Vacuum Cleaner

You can’t disregard the importance of a commercial vacuum cleaner if you want to keep your workplace clean, hygienic, and up to code. Fortunately, there are several options out there; you simply have to think about your needs to decide which one is suitable for your business. But keep in mind that not all commercial vacuums are made equal. Some models offer more value than others, so be sure to choose a commercial vacuum carefully.

Now that you know what it takes to pick the right commercial vacuum cleaner, you can order a suitable model from an online vacuum store in Calgary.

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