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Cleaning your house may be a daunting task for many people, especially if you have a large living space with several floors. Eliminating dust, dirt, and pet hair is easier when you have a powerful vacuum cleaner to keep your floors sparkling clean. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is a necessity for homeowners who want to simplify their lives.

Vacuum cleaners come in different forms which can appear confusing for most people at first. The great thing about having a wide array of choices is that there is a specific device designed to fit your lifestyle. To help you identify properly, you should ask yourself what kind of vacuum do you need?

In this guide, we'll discuss the different types of vacuum cleaners so that you can find which one will suit your needs best. At the same time, we’ll mention the considerations you need to factor in before buying one in a vacuum store Calgary.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuum – An upright vacuum is a full-scale model and is the most commonly used vacuum in households. It is composed of a foot lever which you can press to adjust the angles of your cleaning tool. The cleaning head is attached to the housing of the motor and dustbin.

This type of vacuum uses motorized, rotating brushes which are excellent for lifting dirt from carpets. Most upright vacuums have attachments that allow you to reach tight spaces. This tool has a compact design and since it is stored in an upright position, it doesn’t require too much space in your closet.

With regards to performance, upright vacuums work better compared to smaller vacuums. Most types can easily transition from floors to carpets.

Handheld Vacuum – This type of tool is small, portable, and lightweight. Most handheld vacuums are cordless which makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas and is ideal for on-the-spot cleaning. It works great on upholstery, window treatments, and vehicle floors among many others.

Some handheld vacuums come with cords that lasts longer while others can be connected to your vehicle’s power outlet. This type of cleaner is more ideal for smaller tasks. It is a popular tool for most people who are always on the go.

In some cases, homeowners purchase one in addition to their full-sized vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuums are lightweight and easy to store which are suitable for small spaces.

Robotic Vacuum – Robotic vacuums do the job for you which makes it the ultimate cleaning experience. This type of tool is compact and easily moves on all kinds of surfaces. It has built-in sensors that map out your floors and avoid hazardous areas such as stairs.

Some models automatically go back to their docking place when the battery is about to die. Meanwhile, other models allow you to access the functions through an app. Since robotic vacuums are smaller, it also means that they also have smaller canisters compared to other types of vacuums.

At the same time, they are tiny enough to fit under the furniture. You can also program your device to clean at a certain schedule. If the job requires deep cleaning, you should use a full-scale vacuum instead. Robotic vacuums are more suitable for quick cleaning and can help keep your living space tidy.

Stick vacuum – Stick vacuums are lightweight and easy to maneuver similar to a broom. It is a great tool for reaching ceilings. They also have a similar design to upright vacuums but are smaller and narrower.

Most stick vacuums run on fast-charging lithium-ion batteries. However, the challenge for battery-powered vacuums is they only work on a specific period. The dust bins are also smaller compared to upright vacuums which means you’ll have to unload the bin more frequently.  Stick vacuums are excellent for smaller houses and quick cleaning, especially on hardwood floors.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, there are several factors you should consider.

Should you get an all-in-one or a combination?

The first thing you need to do is to assess your needs first. After going through the different types of vacuum cleaners, you may realize that you need the features of one or more types. Whether you prefer a stick, handheld or robotic, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you pick will be able to do everything you expect it to do.

A full-size model can work best for floors that require deep cleaning. A convertible model, on the other hand, often gives you everything that you need in one package.

Do you need a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner?

When you select an upright vacuum, you’ll need reusable bins or disposable bags. Dustbins are designed with transparent containers which make it easier to identify if it is full. Therefore, you can easily empty it when needed.

Bags, on the other hand, can store more particles but it can be difficult to tell when you need to remove it and replace the bag. Also, bags tend to release less dust in the air when disposed of and at the same time, you also need to buy replacements more frequently.

Do you prefer corded or battery-powered tools?

If you're purchasing a stick vacuum, how it operates affects the way you maneuver and use your equipment. A battery-powered vacuum requires checking its battery indicator. While most stick vacuums use batteries to power it, a corded power tool eliminates the need to recharge your device from time to time.

Purchasing the Best Vacuum in Calgary

Now that we’ve identified the different types of vacuum and what you need to consider, buying a vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to be daunting anymore. Remember that you also need to identify what type of cleaning you often do regularly to help you decide which type of vacuum cleaner fits your lifestyle best.

Also, pick the most efficient vacuum for your floors. For maintenance and repairs, bring your vacuum cleaner to a reputable vacuum part supplier such as Superior Vacuums.


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