Commercial Vacuums

      Superior Vacuums is a reliable source for Commercial Vacuums of all shapes and sizes. We have a diverse stock of commercial vacuums, ranging from high-end to budget-friendly models, from prominent brands such as Nilfisk, Carpet Pro, Targa, Ghibli, Nacecare, and SEBO. You can either order them online or visit our stores in South and North Calgary to buy one.

      Every commercial setting, whether it is an office, restaurant, theater, or any other place bustling with people, requires rigorous cleaning at least once a day. And any appliance used in such places would need to be durable enough to withstand the toughest of conditions. Commercial vacuums are explicitly designed to meet all these requirements and can be a great asset to those in the janitorial profession. Not only are they more long-lasting than other vacuum cleaners, but they also come equipped with sophisticated features needed to make any surface spick and span.

      The best part of buying commercial vacuums is their flexibility in terms of design and structure. While choosing a vacuum for your particular needs, you will have a variety of choices in different forms, like canister and upright. These vacuum cleaners, however, are a cut above ordinary ones when it comes to sturdiness.

      Having sold high-quality vacuum cleaners for over 30 years, Superior Vacuums is your one-stop shop to buy a commercial vacuum suited to your requirements. Top-notch brands like Nilfisk, Carpet Pro, Targa, Ghibli, Nacecare, and SEBO are sure to make you a satisfied customer.

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