Nilfisk / Advance Backpack Vacuum GD10 / 10XP - Backpack Vacuum
Nilfisk / Advance Backpack Vacuum GD10 / 10XP - Backpack Vacuum
Nilfisk / Advance Backpack Vacuum GD10 / 10XP - Backpack Vacuum

Nilfisk / Advance Backpack Vacuum GD10 / 10XP

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There are many things that should be present in a good backpack vacuum cleaner. It should be light in weight, with even weight distribution, good suction power and the noise level must be as low as possible. At the same time, the power needs to be sufficient for fast, effective cleaning, and the dust bag must be large enough to avoid constant changing. Without these basics, a backpack vacuum cleaner is uncomfortable and impractical to operate.

The Nilfisk GD10 (XP10) backpack vacuum cleaner meet these criteria and more.

  • User friendly and ergonomic design for flexible cleaning
  • Containers in different sizes to fit the application
  • 15 metre detachable cable with safety release saves time
  • Low sound level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
  • Good filtration with HEPA filter option
  • Suitable for left or right handed use
  • Fully recyclable components used for reduced environmental impact


Like the Euroclean Hip Vac™ before them, the Back Vac products take the concept of comfort very seriously. The Euroclean Weight Management System™ (WMS) Harness gently hugs the contours of the human form, regardless of the operator’s size or shape. Better fit results in better control, greater range of movement and better distribution of weight. When properly adjusted, the WMS Harness reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. The harness also features a series of convenient storage loops perfect for keeping tool attachments within reach. Our exclusive “no tug” cord restraint clip reduces stress on the power cord, contributing to a longer operating life.


Although the Back Vac weighs in at less than 11 pounds, it’s far from a lightweight in the power department.With 144 CFMof airflow and 99 inches of static lift, the Back Vac packs a serious wallop. A strategically placed exhaust port directs exiting warm air up and away from the operator. And, in spite of all that power, the Euroclean Back Vac is as easy on the ears as it is on the back. Its category leading 62 dB A and lower-pitched voice enables operators to clean during business hours. Four levels of filtration keep floating particulates to an absolute minimum, and both units can be quickly and easily upgraded with H.E.P.A. filtration. And, Euroclean’s “Fold n Seal™” bag system keeps dirt and dust where they belong…in the bag.

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