Hoover Elite Agitator All Brush - 12 1/2 - Vacuum Brush Rollers

Hoover Roller Brush For Elite Vacuums-12 1/2"-48414081, 48414159

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Hoover Roller Brush For Elite Vacuums-12 1/2"-48414081, 48414159


Hoover Elite Agitator All Brush (Black Brush Strips)

Fit models including C1404, C1409-910, C1411-930, C1412-900, C1413-930, C1414-900, C1415, C1498, C1498-020, C1499, C1499-020, C1700-900, C1702-900, C1710-900, S3377-050, S3530, S3535, S3545, S3549, S3551, S3553, S3555, S3557, S3563, S3565, S3567, S3569, S3571, S3573, S3577, S3580-050, S3601, S3601-050, S3603, S3603-040, S3606, S3607, S3607-050, S3608, S3609, S3610, S3610-050, S3611, S3612, S3613, S3614, S3615, S3620, S3621, S3629, S5647, S5649, S5684, S5684-035, S5701, S5701-035, U4253-930, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4259-930, U4260-930, U4261-910, U4261-930, U4261-940, U4261-980, U4261-990, U4262-930, U4262-950, U4263-930, U4265-910, U4265-930, U4267-930, U4269-930, U4270-930, U4270-940, U4271-930, U4271-980, U4296-930, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4465-9, U4471, U4471-9, U4473, U4473-080, U4483, U4485, U4507, U4507-9, U4509, U4511, U4511-9, U4533-9, U4535-930, U4537-910, U4537-930, U4537-980, U4539-900, U4545-900, U4551-910, U4551-920, U4557-910, U4563-910, U4567-910, U4567-920, U4569-910, U4581-910, U4585-910, U4599-900, U4601-900, U4617-910, U4617-920, U4617-930, U4639-930, U4639-980, U4641-910, U4641-920, U4641-930, U4645-930, U4649-910, U4655-930, U4657, U4671-910, U4671-920, U4671-930, U4675-930, U4681, U4681-910, U4689-910, U4697-910, U4701-970, U4709-910, U4713-910, U4715-930, U4717-930, U4731-910, U5035-930, U5041-980, U5043-910, U5043-930, U5046-930, U5051-930, U5053-910, U5053-930, U5055-930, U5055-940, U5057-930, U5059-930, U5061-900, U5062-900, U5063-930, U5064-930, U5064-940, U5065-930, U5065-980, U5066-930, U5067-930, U5067-980, U5068-900, U5069-910, U5070-930, U5071-930, U5072-930, U5073-930, U5074-900, U5075-930, U5076-930, U5077-930, U5079-910, U5081-930, U5089-910, U5089-930, U5092-940, U5093-900, U5093-940, U5094-930, U5095-920, U5095-930, U5095-940, U5095-980, U5096-930, U5097-930, U5098-930, U5099-910, U5099-930, U5101-930, U5103-930, U5105-930, U5109-910, U5109-920, U5109-930, U5110-900, U5110-950, U5110-970, U5111-900, U5111-950, U5112-900, U5112-950, U5114-900, U5114-950, U5115-900, U5117-900, U5130-900, U5130-950, U5131-900, U5131-906, U5132-900, U5133-900, U5133-940, U5134-920, U5134-980, U5135-900, U5160-900, U5160-950, U5168-900, U5201-930, U5209-930, U5211-930, U5212-900, U5213-930, U5215-930, U5219-930, U5220-930, U5221-930, U5222-930, U5223-930, U5223-940, U5227-930, U5231-930, U5233-930, U5233-980, U5235-930, U5237-930, U5239-930, U5294-900, U5294-940.
This brush roll measures approximately 13" in length. Replacement part. Designed to replace Hoover OEM # 48414081, 48414035 & 48414159. Please note that the image shown is a stock image. You will receive a highest quality wooden roller brush with ball bearing ends. H701, 38-3415-06

S5682 Central Vacuum System
S5684 Central Vacuum System
C1415 Perfect For Hotels
C1404 Elite
C1412-900 Elite
C1414-900 Elite
U5043930 Upright Vacuum
U5073930 Upright Vacuum
C1401 Industrial Upright
C1409-910 Commercial Upright
C1413-910 Commercial Upright
C1413-930 Commercial Upright
C1498 Commercial Upright
C1498-020 Commercial Upright
C1499 Commercial Upright
C1499-020 Commercial Upright
S3391 Spirit Canister
S3395 Spirit Canister
S3395-040 Spirit Canister
S3399 Spirit Canister
S3420 Spirit Classic Canister
S3520 Futura Canister
S3525 Futura Canister
S3530 Futura Canister
S3535 Futura Canister
S3551 Futura Canister
S3553 Futura Canister
S3555 Futura Canister
S3557 Futura Canister
S3561 Futura Canister
S3563 Futura Canister
S3565 Futura Canister
S3567 Futura Canister
S3569 Futura Canister
S3571 Futura Canister
S3573 Futura Canister
S3577 Futura Canister
S3580-050 Futura Canister
S3601 PowerMax Canister
S3603 PowerMax Canister
S3603-040 PowerMax Canister
S3606 PowerMax Canister
S3607 PowerMax Canister
S3608 PowerMax Canister
S3609 PowerMax Canister
S3610 PowerMax Canister
S3611 PowerMax Canister
S3612 TurboPower Canister
S3613 TurboPower Canister
S3614 PowerMax Canister
S3615 PowerMax Canister
S3620 PowerMax Canister
U4253-930 Elite II Upright
U4257-930 Sprint Upright
U4258-930 Elite II Upright
U4259-930 Elite II/ Sprint
U4260-930 Elite II Upright
U4261-910 Elite II Upright
U4261-930 Elite II Upright
U4261-940 Elite II Upright
U4261-980 Elite II Upright
U4261-990 Elite II Upright
U4262-930 Sprint Upright
U4263-930 Elite II Upright
U4267-930 Elite II Upright
U4269-930 Elite II Upright
U4270-930 Elite II Upright
U4270-940 Elite II Upright
U4271-930 Elite II Upright
U4271-980 Elite II Upright
U4296-930 Elite Upright
U4265-910 Elite II Upright
U4265-930 Elite II Upright
U44509 Elite Upright
U4459 Elite/ Legacy Upright
U4459-940 Elite/ Legacy Upright
U4461-9 Elite/ Legacy Upright
U4463-9 Elite/ Legacy Upright
U4465-9 Elite Upright
U4483 Elite Upright
U4485 Elite Upright
U4507 Elite Upright
U4507-9 Elite Upright
U4509 Elite Upright
U4511 Elite Upright
U4511-9 Elite Upright
U4533-9 Elite Upright
U4535-930 Convertible - Elite Upright
U4537-910 Legacy Upright
U4537-930 Legacy II Upright
U4537-980 Legacy II Upright
U4539-930 Legacy II Upright
U4545-900 Legacy II Upright
U4471 Elite Upright

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