Upright Vacuums in Calgary

    If you’re looking for a top of the line upright vacuum in Calgary to meet your cleaning needs, you’re in good hands. Superior Vacuums has a massive selection of upright vacuums from tried and tested brands, including Nilfisk, SEBO, Riccar, Nacecare, and Panasonic. These machines provide an optimum user experience at varying price points.

    Upright vacuums are built as one structure that incorporates a cleaning hand, a handle, and a bag. The presence of a rotating brush or beater bar on the underside of the cleaner ensures effective cleansing of dirt from rugged exteriors, such as carpets. Thanks to their unique design, you can tilt and move the vacuum on any surface. These units are known for being user-friendly and portable.

    Upright vacuums generally come in two configurations, direct fan, and fan-bypass, the former being an older model. Most of these vacuums come with two built-in motors; a large motor for the suction mechanism and a relatively smaller one to operate the brush-roll. While the brush is an essential feature of the cleaner, these vacuums do allow users to turn the brush-roll motor off for the cleaning of flat and non-carpeted floors. Some models even have a safety feature that automatically turns the motor off in case there is a risk of damage.

    Beyond our impressive vacuum lineup, Superior Vacuums is proud to offer parts for your machine and provide expert repair services. With industry leading brands like SEBO, Riccar, Nacecare, Panasonic, and Nilfisk, Superior Vacuums in Calgary will provide you with an unparalleled Upright Vacuum experience. Feel free to reach out to us online or at our stores in South and North Calgary.

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