Allergy Filter vacuum
      S-Class Electrostatic filtration upright vacuums provide superior air purification, surpassing HEPA standards by efficiently capturing airborne particles. Ideal for reducing allergens, these vacuums contribute to a cleaner breathing environment, making them perfect for those with allergies or respiratory concerns. Explore our selection of the finest S-Class filtration upright vacuums designed for cleaner, healthier air in your space.
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      - absorbs greater than 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 Microns in diameter
      - removes 100% of particles of 1 micron and above. Dust mite feces are approx. 10 microns.
      S-Class Filter For Allergy Reduction!

      SEBO's vacuums feature the S-Class, a hospital-grade filtration system exceeding traditional HEPA standards. Originating from the German word "Schwebstoff" for "airborne particles," this technology captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Its three-stage process ensures 99.9% filtration, effectively combating allergens.

      ElectroStatic Vacuum Filter for less allergy
      Three-Stage Filtration Process

      The S-Class filtration consists of a three-layer Ultra Bag, a pre-motor micro-filter, and an S-Class or optional HEPA exhaust micro-filter. This combination captures a wide range of particles, making it highly effective against common airborne allergens.

      Ensuring Total Air Purity

      What sets SEBO apart is the completely sealed design of its vacuums, preventing unfiltered air from escaping. This design has been acknowledged by the British Allergy Foundation for its effectiveness in removing dust mite allergens. The S-Class filtration, therefore, not only cleans surfaces but also significantly improves indoor air quality.



      ElectroStatic S-Filtration Vs HEPA Filtration! Which is Better?