Discover the power of a professional deep clean right in your home with Superior Vacuums' collection of Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. Available for rent in Calgary, our Rug Doctor carpet cleaners boast superior dirt lifting capabilities and ease of use, turning your DIY cleaning endeavors into an effortless experience.

But that's not all. For more targeted clean-ups, explore our range of Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuums available. These compact yet powerful machines are perfect for tackling those troublesome spots and spills. Plus, at Superior Vacuums in Calgary, we are not just about renting and selling top-of-the-line cleaning machines.

Our parts and repairs service ensures that your Rug Doctor cleaning equipment stays in peak condition. From replacement parts to expert repairs, we've got you covered. Step into a cleaner home with Superior Vacuums in Calgary today!

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