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Nilfisk Canada: Leading Innovation in Cleaning


      Nilfisk Vacuum: Power and Precision for Your Cleaning Needs
      Nilfisk Advance Canada delivers advanced cleaning technology, offering durable and efficient solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

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      Nilfisk CA at Our Store: Advanced Cleaning Technology for Every Need

      Visit our store to see our full selection of cleaning equipment. We have everything from Dry Vacuums to Wet and Dry Vacuums, and Upright Commercial Vacuums. All our products come from the trusted brands Advance by Nilfisk Advance and Nilfisk vacuums. Our extensive range caters to a variety of cleaning needs, whether for robust industrial tasks or meticulous professional environments.

      If you have additional questions or need more detailed information about our Nilfisk products, please contact us. Our experts are ready to help you choose the perfect cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs.

      Nilfisk Industrial Cleaners: Explore Our Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

      Visit our store to see our wide selection of Nilfisk industrial cleaners. These machines easily handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. We also have scrubbers for deep floor cleaning, sweepers for quickly cleaning large areas, and burnishers that make floors shine brightly.

      Additionally, our carpet extractors are perfect for removing deep-seated dirt from carpets, ensuring a thorough clean. Our Nilfisk equipment suits all your cleaning needs, whether it's for daily upkeep or tough cleaning tasks.

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      Nilfisk Central Vacuum Calgary
      Nilfisk Central Vacuum Systems: Engineered for High-Efficiency Cleaning

      Nilfisk Central Vacuum Systems, like the Nilfisk Supreme and Performer models, are designed to offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for larger surface areas. These systems are particularly efficient for multi-floor buildings or large spaces where frequent cleaning is essential. The Nilfisk Supreme 250 is compact but cleans powerfully, making it great for homes and smaller offices.

      Nilfisk central vacuum systems efficiently handle large amounts of debris and can connect to machines for on-demand cleaning. This makes them an integral part of maintaining cleanliness in environments that require rigorous standards.

      For detailed information on how Nilfisk central vacuum systems can meet your cleaning needs, check out their product pages.

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      We now offer free delivery across Canada on all orders starting at $49.99 and above. Order today and get your items delivered to your doorstep for free!

      Return Policy

      You can return any unused or working floor cleaning products, components, or other purchases within 40 days of receiving them. You cannot return some items, like cleaning products, air purifiers, and refurbished machines.

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      At Superior Vacuums, we have been helping the people of Calgary for more than 36 years. We offer a variety of vacuum cleaners for homes and businesses." Our locations in North and South Calgary offer sales, service, and parts to assist dealers in Southern Alberta.

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