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Miele CX1 Canister: Advanced, Thorough Cleaning

The Miele CX1 Canister Vacuum features powerful Vortex technology and HEPA filtration in a convenient bagless design. It effectively captures allergens and offers customizable suction for all floor types, ensuring efficient and allergy-friendly cleaning.

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Common Features in Miele CX1 Canister Vacuums!

Variable Suction Control!

  • Four Pre-Selected Settings: Tailored suction for specific surfaces.
  • Adjustable Levels: Infinite adjustment between presets for any surface, from upholstery to all floor types.
Miele c3 canister vacuum features
Adjustable Telescopic Wand!

  • User Comfort: Adjusts to the perfect height, preventing back strain.
  • Versatile Reach: Enables easy cleaning of ceilings and under furniture.
  • Customizable Use: Tailors the vacuum to individual user needs for better handling.
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Miele CX1 User Reviews


After a few weeks of using the vacuum cleaner, I'm really happy with the cleaner as its quiet and it's easy to use. I love how easy it increases my overall experience with cleaning.


I'd definitely recommend this product!So, where to start?! It's good looking & well designed. a bit bulkier than other hoovers and the hose is quite long making storage a little tricky, but that is my only negative!


Very easy to use with smart and functionalityWho would have thought you could get a hoover that actually cleans itself - well it's here


Powerful πŸ‘πŸΌ

This is an excellent vacuum cleaner. Powerful, lots of accessories. Easy to hoover under beds and sofas and corners.