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Miele Complete C3 - Ultimate Cleaning Power

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Explore the Miele C3, designed to simplify your cleaning routine. Ideal for diverse home environments, this vacuum efficiently removes pet hair and dirt from both carpets and hard floors. It features advanced tools that adjust to tackle various cleaning challenges, ensuring a comprehensive clean throughout your home.

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Miele Complete C3: Your Back-Saving Cleaning Solution

Elevate your cleaning with the Miele Complete C3's adjustable telescopic wand. Tailor the wand's height to your comfort, avoiding strain and making it easy to reach those high spots.

This feature makes cleaning easy and comfortable, improving your experience without causing back pain. Great for reaching high areas and adjusting to your needs.

Miele C3 complete telescopic wand
Miele C3 Variable suction Control
Miele C3: Master of Variable Suction Control

Take charge of your cleaning with the Miele C3's variable suction control. You can easily change the suction level using foot-operated controls.

They include six settings to choose from, so you can match the suction to any surface, from curtains to hardwood floors. This feature makes cleaning easier and faster because you don't have to bend down to change settings.

Miele C3 Canister Vacuum: Never Miss a Full Bag Again

Stay on top of maintenance with the Miele C3's Full Bag Indicator. This feature measures airflow and alerts you with an orange bar when it's time to replace the dust bag. It keeps your cleaning effective without any guesswork.

Simple and smart, it's a handy reminder that keeps your Miele C3 performing at its best.

Miele complete c3 full bag indicator
Miele Vacuum C3 protective Bumper Strip
Miele Vacuum C3: Enhanced with Protective Bumper Strip

The Miele Vacuum C3 comes with a protective bumper strip to keep your furniture and vacuum safe. Made from durable synthetic material, this strip guards against scratches and bumps during cleaning.

Miele C3 Complete: Experience the Comfort Handle

Make vacuuming easy with the Miele C3 Complete's Comfort Handle. The flexible hose connector and ergonomic design reduce wrist pressure for a comfortable experience. The lever action simplifies maneuvering the floor head, making your cleaning sessions less strenuous.

Miele c3 complete hose handle

4.8 Miele C3 Reviews


Top vacuum with amazing suction. Swapped the standard brush for a pet hair headβ€”much better and incredible


Glides very well on all surfaces and has great suction. Not too heavy and I like the fact that the tools are integral.


Repeat purchase because I love the Miele hoover, easy to manoeuvre
around, fairly light to carry upstairs and excellent suction.


Very happy with my purchase. Great suction, and attachments along you to get into hard to reach areas. Definitely worth the money.