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Miele C1 Canister: Classic Cleaning Power

The Miele C1 Canister Vacuum delivers powerful suction and effective allergen filtration in a compact, easy-to-use design. Ideal for versatile floor cleaning, it ensures a thorough clean with minimal effort. Perfect for efficient, straightforward cleaning.

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Common Features in Miele C1 Canister Vacuums!

Variable Suction Control!

  • Rotary Dial: Hand-operated for precise control.

  • 6 Settings:
  1. Curtains
  2. Furniture/Upholstery
  3. Area Rugs
  4. Quiet Operation
  5. Wall to Wall Carpets
  6. Bare/Hard Floors
Miele c2 canister vacuum suction control
Miele c3 canister vacuum features
Ergonomic Handle!

  • Comfort Grip: Designed for ease of use and wrist comfort.
  • Flexible Hose Connector: Allows for smooth movement and control.
  • Lever Action Floorhead: Reduces effort required to maneuver the vacuum, lessening wrist stress.
Full Bag Indicator!

  • Airflow Monitoring: Detects reduced airflow to indicate a full bag.
  • Visual Indicator: An orange bar appears when it's time to replace the dust bag.
  • Maintenance Reminder: Ensures optimal vacuum performance by prompting timely bag changes.
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  • 6 Months: 9.90% APR
  • 12 Months: 9.98% APR
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4.7 Miele C1 User Reviews


Good Points: Excellent suction on both carpet and hard flooring including slightly larger particles such as rice etc. Quite lightweight
with some useful accessories. Overall, a typically good quality product from Miele.


I am absolutely THRILLED with my Miele Classic C1 Centennial Cannister Vacuum! I use it very very happily every week. I even noticed the line showing me the Vacuum bag is starting to fill!


This is a great vacuum. It seems well made and well thought out features. It has great suction without a lot of noise.


We worked for years with cheaper brand bag-less vacuum cleaners and finally decided to buy this Miele. This vacuum cleaner has exceeded all our expectations.