Why Choose SEBO Vacuum Cleaners?

SEBO vacuum cleaners are manufactured by a German company that provides some of the best quality vacuum cleaners in the world. Popular with customers worldwide, these vacuum cleaners are favored by top hospitals, universities, and hotels. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of using SEBO vacuum cleaners.

Unmatched Filtration

An S-class filter system operates within every SEBO vacuum cleaner, bringing hospital-grade filtration to your house. Be it canister or upright, each vacuum uses a 3-layer filter dust bag that includes caps to guarantee that all material is fully contained. SEBO's top-fill bags ensure that dirt is collected at the base and gathered upward without the need for re-circulation, allowing for greater flow of air. Upgrading to Ultra HEPA filter bags is also possible.


Whether upright or canister, SEBO vacuums feature housings made from dense, reinforced ABS plastic. This solid, engineering-grade substance is built to survive the impact and look fantastic despite age. All internal items are manufactured with metal and aluminum, including a brush that is timing belt-driven and has protection against clutches.   The wheels rubber-coated on any vacuum are installed on steel bearings and axles to smoothly maneuver the vacuum.

Advanced Technology

The collection of debris, dust, and dirt starts at the surface. SEBO vacuums channel 103 CFM of airflow to the floor for optimum suction, utilizing up to 1300 watts of power. Specially crafted floor tools and brush rollers filter the hair, dirt, and debris into the airflow channel of the powerhead, rather than moving it around the surface. To ensure the best brush roll height for superior cleaning, selected models utilize electronically-controlled automatic height adjustment and come with a warning light that will notify you if optimum contact is not met.  A rubber seal strip also makes sure that the debris passes into the airflow and prevents it from escaping from the floor tool's back.

Suits Every Home

Regardless if you live in a small city studio apartment or in a house with acres of internal space, you can bring the comfort and cleaning power of SEBO into your home. It is suitable for bare floors, carpets, or mixed floors.

For people who want nothing but an upright vacuum, SEBO offers a wide range of products from the Essential G, Automatic X, and Felix series. They also offer full, mid, and compact size models of the Airbelt Series SEBO Canister Vacuum cleaners.

Requires Minimum Upkeep

SEBO Vacuum Cleaner only requires minimal maintenance. It has warning indicators that notify users if the bags are full, or when there are brush obstructions, clogs, and inaccurate brush roll height. The vacuum models that have electric powerheads include automatic shut-off brush roller in the event of an obstacle. These indicators help prevent the vacuum motor and belts from overheating and unnecessary damage. Additionally, a convenient clog door lets users remove smaller objects or matted debris quickly and effortlessly.

All SEBO vacuums have filters and slide-in bags that are available individually or in a service box that contains a supply of bags for each model as well as replacement filters. SEBO also offers a wide range of optional accessories that can all be used with any model that does not include electrical powerheads.

Owing to the quality and technology that goes into them from planning to fabrication, SEBO filters are among the best in the industry. The enhanced filter power can make your vacuum cleaner work so much better and can result to even less vacuuming. This increases the overall longevity of your vacuum unit!

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