Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems

For more than 55 years now, Vacuflo Central Vacuums have helped people clean by its proprietary filtration processes and useful fast clean solutions. This brand of vacuum is a perfect option in improving the overall quality of indoor air in your home.

In this article, we will go over Vacuflo central vacuums and how they work. We will also discuss the true cyclonic and the filtered cyclonic power units that are used by this vacuum brand.

What are Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems?

With a solid reputation for being reliable, and efficient, Vacuflo central vacuum systems operate by carrying debris, dust and dirt to a main power unit via a basic tubing network running behind the walls of the house.  The power unit is typically located in a basement, garage, or utility room.  The in-wall tube can be conveniently mounted during construction or attached to an existing home without any structural changes and typically in less than one day. 

Depending on whether or not you can vent your unit outside, Vacuflo provides two types of vacuum systems which utilize either the true cyclonic or the filtered cyclonic power unit.

The True Cyclonic Power Unit

This type of Vacuflo power unit provides continuous cleaning power by removing the dirt from the airflow without using filters or bags. The efficient cleaning performance of this tried-and-tested power unit will not be reduced even when the dirt gets collected.

True Cyclonic power units are bagless and filterless and have a 6 gallon dirt canister. Minimum maintenance is required for it throughout the year as the unit is exhausted outside the house. It is recommended that the dirt canister is emptied every 4-6 months and the permanent filter screen is cleaned to encourage maximum air flow to the motor, allowing for constant power and hassle-free operation each time you use the vacuum cleaner.

Here are the benefits of using this type of power unit in your home:

  • Doesn't require to use filters or bags
  • Needed to be vented outside
  • Wide selection of units to suit the size of your home
  • Has a dirt receptacle with a huge capacity
  • Takes away 100% of the dirt , dust, allergens and debris vacuumed from your home
  • Provides one simple system for full-house cleaning

The Filtered Cyclonic Power Unit

For primary filtration, Filtered Cyclonic power units use cyclonic separation, and the secondary filtration is by pleated filter. Vacuflo’s excellent performance does not decline when dirt collects, unlike other central vacuum systems that use fixed cloth filters.

This type of Vacuflo power unit has a pleated cartridge filter that is recommended to be replaced at least once a year. This kind of filter provides silent operation and sufficient power as well as on-board inlet valves for quick access to your unit even when it is in a basement, garage, or utility area without the need for additional valve installation. Exhausting these units outside is optional, making them a perfect choice for retrofitting installations and in cases where the unit can’t be mounted near to the home's exterior wall.

Together with the advantages of indoor air quality and easy cleaning features, Vacuflo provides the best in cleaning efficiency. Vacuflo Central Vacuums give cleaner indoor air by eliminating allergens and dust from your home. Not all systems installed in vacuum clean the air like the whole house vacuum system from Vacuflo.

The newest in Central Vacuum System hose control accessories are available as well, which could help make cleaning even more convenient by providing you with hose-at-hand alternatives that you need for central vacuum cleaning. 

Here at Superior Vacuums, we offer you some of the best Vacuflo power units and accessories for your home cleaning needs. You may check out these products here. They are all available in our vacuum stores in Calgary!

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