Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Vacuum cleaners consist of hundreds of vacuum parts, some vital to the vacuum's mechanical working, some not vital at all. If you are operating your vacuum often, sooner or later, some components will need replacement. When this happens, it's essential to know which vacuum cleaner parts are necessary to the operation.

The good news is, nowadays, vacuum cleaners are much more suited for repairs. In the past, when a vacuum cleaner broke down or malfunctioned, spare parts were not available with the push of a keystroke on your keyboard. Repairing today's vacuums is cost-effective and easy enough; you can do the repairs yourself in many cases.

Here are some of the most frequently replaced vacuum parts.


Just like any other piece of machinery, the motor is an essential part of the mechanism, in this case, the heart of the vacuum cleaner. This piece powers everything, and it is an important factor in the vacuum cleaner's overall performance. Quite often, the motor burns out. But a defective motor doesn't necessarily mean you have to throw your vacuum cleaner in the garbage. Affordable replacement vacuum cleaner parts, including the motor, are available online.


The belt is an integral part of the vacuum cleaner. This part keeps your vacuum cleaner's brush roller in motion. Even though it's made from durable rubber and can withstand a lot of use, a broken or stuck belt is a common occurrence in a vacuum cleaner. And the first symptom is the smell of burning rubber. A broken belt often means that a replacement will be necessary. This is a must if you want to keep your vacuum cleaner operating at optimum performance.

Brush Roller

A brush roller is a part that provides deep cleaning on rugs, carpets, or mattresses. These vacuum parts can usually be adjusted to properly and thoroughly clean areas of different heights, making them critical and useful accessories on the vacuum cleaner. Because they are designed for deep cleaning, the bristles on the brush fade away with time. That is why brush rollers are parts that often need to be replaced.


Vacuum parts like cleaning wands and extended hoses can often provide a wider cleaning range. Wands and hoses often come with versatile attachments, making your daily cleaning chores fast and easy. A cleaning wand can be extended to clean ceilings and other areas you cannot reach with your vacuum cleaner, while a wider hose is perfect for broken glass or metal slugs you don't want to get stuck in the wand.


Filters are the vacuum cleaner parts that prevent debris from entering into the vacuum's inner components of the machine. These parts also filter the particles from the exhausted air, ensuring that only clean air is released from the vacuum exhaust port. Filters are critical; having them replaced regularly is key for your well-being, as well as the vacuum’s.


If you are operating a vacuum with a bag, emptying the bag is not enough. Prolonged use of the bag can cause the bag to rip and tear, resulting in a huge mess. This is a container that stores all the trash, so having replacement bags is always recommended.

Power Source/Cord

Whether a battery or a cord, the power source is used to supply electricity to the vacuum cleaner. A plug-in cord is the most frequent type of power source used. Power cords can easily get severed or worn out over time. When this happens, for safety purposes, you need to replace the cord.

Usually, your vacuum cleaner will have a warranty, and the manufacturer will be responsible for any malfunctions. But if your warranty has expired, knowing what each vacuum parts do and if they can be replaced is essential. Understanding the basics means you can keep your vacuum cleaner in perfect working condition.

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