The Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuum Systems

Proven by doctors and medical research teams for its effectiveness, Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuum Systems can lower allergy symptoms by almost 61 percent. These vacuum cleaners are simple to use and engineered to deliver superior cleaning.

In this article, we will discuss the important things that you need to know about Cana-Vac™  Central Vacuum Systems.

Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuum Systems

The Cana-Vac™ vacuum systems are classified into the Cana-Vac™ series and the Signature™ series. Basing on your lifestyle, you can select the best central vacuum cleaner for your home from among these types of systems.

The Cana-Vac™ series

The perfect vacuum system for condos and medium-sized homes, this vacuum system is best used for weekly clean-ups. It is equipped with a reliable Flow-Thru motor that is designed for weekly residential use.

The vacuum models from the Cana-Vac™ series rely upon filtered vacuum air to cool themselves throughout the operation and are recognized for their durability in light to medium duty applications. The Quiet Pack Plus has an insulated motor and muffler with an enclosed domed cover, which eliminates more noise.

The Cana-Vac™ series vacuum cleaners have 7 to 10-year warranty on registration.

The Signature™ series

This vacuum system is built to accommodate families, pets, and active day-to-day activities in medium to large homes. Its High-Efficiency HEPA Filtration System catches up to 99.97 percent of allergens at .3 micron. During operation, the cooling intake muffler circulates fresh air so that the motor stays cool for longevity and low-noise operation. All modes under the Signature™ series include a set of 3 Allergen Bags and have a warranty of 10 to 15 years.

Choosing the Signature™ series lets you experience a Tangential Bypass Motor's high service efficiency and durability. Unlike Flow-Thru motors that use vacuum air to refresh the motor, a specialized cooling fan is available for Tangential motors. This optimizes the lifetime of the vacuum and delivers a premium power source to Signature™ central vacuum systems.

Advantages of Using Cana-Vac™ Central Vacuums


When choosing the best vacuum system for your home, it is not wise to base your decision entirely on motor performance specifications. A lot of manufacturing companies use low-priced motors but offer a premium price for high Air watts, a misleading concept of the industry that pertains to cleaning performance and value.

If you choose a premium Cana-Vac™ system, you can be sure that selected motors were chosen for their durability and efficiency, and not just based on the performance specifications. Cana-Vac™ XLS models have the largest and best available motors in the industry to date, with a diameter of 6.6 and 8.4 inches. They also use Infinity™ Brush technology, doubling the life span of the motors. The aluminum tangential exhaust motors are engineered for maximum strength and long-lasting endurance.


Cana-Vac™ has a 6-year accessory kit warranty, which is twice what other companies give with their electric kits. Knowing that your entire Cana-Vac™ system is guaranteed for 10 years on L series, 15 on LS, and 20 years in the XLS model, you can feel more at peace.


Cana-Vac™ central vacuum systems have been developed by the best available cleaning technologies to achieve a good balance of durability and efficiency. You can rely on these vacuum systems for several years of continuous service.

No matter which Cana-Vac™ central vacuum system you pick, it would be an investment that boosts the selling value of your home or property. Here at Superior Vacuums, we offer you some of the best central vacuum systems in Calgary, including the Cana-Vac™ and Signature™ series.  Feel free to visit our Vacuum Shop online and see more of the products that we offer!

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