The Benefits of a Stick Vacuum

Stick Vacuums

vacuum cleaner is a staple in every household. If you don't have one, then you're not cashing in on the convenience that vacuums bring to their users - time saved, effort reduced, and more in-depth cleaning. Neat, right? 

Of all the types of vacuums out there, stick vacuums (also known as broom vacuums because of their upright 'stick'-like appearance) probably stand out as the easy-to-use ones. On top of that, they are much more affordable than heavier models. It is a good idea to have a stick vacuum at your home in addition to a central vacuum cleaner for a more thorough and efficient cleaning.  

What is a Stick Vacuum? 

stick vacuum is a lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. Stick vacuums are particularly easy to store and use, which is why a lot of people prefer having them as an alternative to the traditional vacuums for regular cleaning. Traditional vacuums (be they canister or central vacuums) have larger filters, more powerful suction, and deeper cleaning. But sticks give them a run for their money in terms of convenience. 

Why Use a Stick Vacuum? 

If you're looking for some regular cleaning, a stick works great. You don't have to lug out all that weight from the broom closet for every little spill that happens on a routine basis as you do with canisters and even uprights. You can get a Miele vacuum from our vacuum store in Calgary to avail the benefits that stick vacuums have to provide. 

Size & Weight 

Stick vacuums are best known (and bought) for their compact size and lightweight. They are significantly smaller than traditional vacuums, and if you have some spot cleaning to do, you are more likely to bring in your stick, rather than your canister vacuum. Even elderly people can use the stick vacuum with ease, and it can also be stowed away efficiently when not in use, thanks to its lightweight.  


The problem with most vacuum cleaners is the noise they make - enough to wake sleeping dragons. Most people find the sound of vacuums annoying (for good reasons), and that makes it very inconvenient to use them with people around. Stick vacuums make considerably lesser noise and are easy to use even when people are around. 


Stick vacuum cleaners are very versatile. They can easily be converted into cordless, battery-run cleaners that can reach tight spots and don't have to be pulled on cords. You don't have to bend and twist every time you want to clean hard-to-reach places. 

Good for Hard Floors 

While canister vacuums are more suited to carpeted areas, stick vacuums are handier on hard floors. This makes them ideal for places that don't have wall-to-wall carpeting, or trivial cleaning, such as cat hair. You definitely aren't going to bring out your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner every time your cat sits on the sofa, now, are you? 

No Filters 

Most vacuums use bags or filters that have to be replaced regularly once they're full. But not a stick vacuum. A stick has no filter; instead, it has a dust container that needs to be emptied every time it fills up. 

Easy Cleaning  

Stick vacuums are upright, and the height is adjustable, making them very easy to use in cleaning. You also don't need to move furniture around to clean spots; the stick vacuum slides easily under furniture and maneuvers right into tight corners. 

No Allergies 

With regular cleaning and the suction of dust and dirt, stick vacuums keep allergies at bay. Their preferred use as a daily vacuum keeps the indoor space fresher and purer. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that the dust container needs to be emptied regularly so as not to let the dust settle. 

Easy Storage 

If you live in a small space, stick vacuums are for you. These cleaning devices are very compact and hence, easy to store. Most sticks also have a wall-mounting option for even more convenience.  

Energy Saving 

Large, corded vacuum cleaners consume more energy. They suck in power from your main electrical unit to do the cleaning, and since they have more powerful motors, they use more energy. On the other hand, most stick vacuum cleaners can be switched to cordless mode. You do not always need to plug them into a socket to do the cleaning. They come with batteries, and all you need to do is charge them completely and get down to work. And these vacuums consume less energy even when plugged into a socket, thanks to their smaller size.  

Should You Buy a Stick Vacuum? 

Given all the benefits, it is clear that a stick vacuum is your everyday vacuum cleaner for spot cleaning. If you want some more in-depth cleaning, then you'll have to bring out your canister. But deep cleaning is not a regular occurrence, and sticks are available at very affordable prices at our Calgary store for your daily vacuuming needs. 

While you may keep a heavier, central vacuum cleaner for more intensive vacuuming, you should definitely keep a stick vacuum around for lighter cleaning tasks. It's easy to move and maneuver, makes less noise, and even your kids can vacuum with this lightweight contraption. 

Sounds like a killer, right? That's because it is. Head over to our vacuum store in Calgary to buy a stick vacuum to do some quick cleanups around your house. Or contact us for more information.

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