Miele Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Miele is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind when you think of vacuum cleaner brands. The company has been producing top-quality products for the past 20 years. Whether you need a lightweight stick vacuum for portability or bulky uprights for highly effective cleaning, Miele has surely got you covered. The company's canister range, however, is what makes it shine among competitors.

A canister vacuum is the ideal household appliance for your daily cleaning needs. Equipped with a separate wheel-mounted unit (the canister) that contains a motor and dust collector, this cleaner is extremely portable and user-friendly. Vacuum stores carry numerous canister vacuum models, and choosing between them can be a daunting task. Let's make the decision easier by comparing a few popular canister models:

Complete C3

If you're looking for a powerful machine that doesn't hold back on size and effectiveness, this machine is the right option for you. Complete C3 is a high-end device equipped with an ample variety of features that adequately justify its relatively higher price-tag. Its 1200 Watt motor is sure to deliver incredible suction that can deeply clean up all sorts of surfaces. The optional electro-brush further compliments this by its ability to cleanse the dirt out of carpeted exteriors. The large dust-bag, having a capacity of 4.76 quarts, is the ideal companion for extended cleaning sessions.

This Miele Vacuum model is at the top of its game in terms of durability. Its stainless steel telescopic wand has been designed to last for a longer period and is a vastly superior alternative to the plastic used in cheaper variants. At 42.6 feet, this cleaner is also head and shoulders above the other Miele canister range options when it comes to operating radius.

The Complete C3 is the perfect choice if you're willing to spend that little bit of extra cash on a product that will surely deliver excellent results on all sorts of surfaces.

Compact C2

Compact C2 is another powerful option on Miele's canister vacuum portfolio. This machine's compact design makes it a more useful machine when it comes to vacuuming tighter spaces. With a smaller dust-bag capacity of 3.7 quarts, this cleaner still has a sufficient amount of space for long vacuuming sessions. Equipped with the same 1200 Watt motor as used in Complete C3, it shows that no compromise has been made in terms of suction power, despite the reduced size. An operating radius of 33 feet also signifies the fact that this vacuum is among the heavy hitters on the market.

Accessories such as a dusting brush tool, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool effectively enhance the device's capabilities. An optional electro plus floorhead can be used to clean the deepest of carpets and mats. On top of that, the highly efficient AirClean filtration mechanism ensures that almost all of the hazardous allergens remain trapped. Moreover, the appliance's extremely durable design guarantees up to 20 years of use.

The Compact C2 is another vacuuming option that is equally proficient on all surfaces. If you're looking for a more lightweight and portable alternative to the Complete C3, this model may be the right option for you.

Classic C1

The Classic C1 vacuum cleaner delivers exceptional results at a much lower price-tag than other variants. Despite being smaller in size and having lesser luxurious features, this appliance is neck-to-neck with more expensive ones in terms of quality. An operating radius of 29.5 feet makes it ideal for your average-sized bedroom or living room. And at an average noise output of 57 to 68 decibels, this appliance will do its job at relatively lower volumes than others.

Thanks to the use of the optional Electro Plus brush, the Classic C1 can also effectively clean deep carpets. Its effective filters will not only trap dust but also cleanse the air of pet dust, mites, and odors. Overall, the Classic C1 is a worthy choice for those looking to go easy on their wallet without compromising on cleaning standards.

Blizzard CX1

The Blizzard CX1 is yet another affordable option among Miele's wide range of canister vacuums. It comes equipped with the same 1200 Watt motor as the other models and an operating radius of 33 feet (the same as that of Compact C2). With four power settings and an adequate AirClean filtration system, this appliance is packed with some great features. But what makes it sell like a hot cake is that it is bagless, which significantly adds to its durability and user-friendliness.


Miele's canister vacuum range is loaded with some powerful appliances of the highest quality. When buying a vacuum machine, it is crucial to have the right knowledge to make an informed decision. Keep the above comparison in mind, and you're bound to stumble upon the right appliance at our vacuum store in Calgary.

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