Miele Triflex - Available Now at Superior Vacuums

Is taking out and getting your vacuum cleaner together a tedious chore already? Are you tired of buying cheap vacuums that break down easily?

If you are saying yes to all of these, you’ll be excited to know that the Miele Triflex series is now available at Superior Vacuums!

What to Expect from the Miele Triflex Model

Miele vacuum cleaners are known as great investment known for their innovative features, timeless designs, superb performance, and long life. Miele is a high-end German brand founded in 1899 and has been repeatedly awarded as one of the best brands in domestic and home appliances. 

The Miele Triflex is a milestone launch since this is their first foray into the cordless market. The Miele Triflex is a versatile cordless vacuum that can transform into three modes. The reach mode is an upright stick perfect for high places or hard-to-reach places, comfort mode is mid-length perfect for cleaning floors, and compact mode to clean corner and tight spaces. 

You can even switch modes in one cleaning since all you have to do is remove and slot in the next model.  You can even detach the power unit and use it as a car vacuum. It’s like buying 3 products in a vacuum store for the price of 1!

The advanced Vortex technology of the Miele vacuum offers extreme suction as strong as Miele’s corded series. This Vortex motor separates the large chunks of debris from the finer particles. If you will empty the dust bin, you don’t have to touch it since you can just quickly rotate the switch.

The Miele Triflex works will in all surfaces including hard floors, carpets, furniture, blinds, and curtains. One of the rare features of the Triflex series is that you can use it on medium and high-pile carpets. Its electro-brush cleaning head is larger versus other cordless vacuums which will cover a lot of ground for a shorter time.

Additionally, this vacuum is powered by VARTA, one of the best battery producers in the world, which offers longer cleaning time every charge. Charging is convenient since this vacuum cleaner series is freestanding so you don’t have to look for places to lean it against.

The Miele Triflex is also convenient, lightweight and easy to store. It only weighs less than 8 lbs and can be stored with ease since the parts are detachable. It is also easy to carry around the house for various small cleaning jobs.

Miele Triflex Models

The Triflex series has 3 models - Standard, Cat & Dog, and Pro.

Miele Triflex HX1

The Standard is the entry level Triflex model with basic but impressive features.

Miele Triflex Cat & Dog

The Cat & Dog model is made for pet owners who deal with pet hair and fur. Included in this model is a motorized mini brush head great for picking up fur, pet hair and lint in your furniture and tight areas where your pets hang out.

Its cleaning head has upgraded LED lights so you can see the surface you are cleaning. This model also comes with a lifetime HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that can swoop 99.999% of small particles and allergens out of the surfaces.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro

Lastly, we have the most premium Triflex, the Pro model. Not only does it include both the Standard and Cat and Dog features, but it also has an extra Varta battery and charger. This means that you can double your cleaning time with 2 batteries.

Check out the Miele Triflex Vacuum Cleaner Today

Miele vacuum cleaners are great additions to your home that will last for years. Their milestone Triflex series only showcases why they are the leading brand in vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner has promising features that may make it one of the favorites in the market. You can order online or purchase in store from Superior Vacuums.







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