How Often to Vacuum Your Home?

Vacuuming may be the most unwanted chore, but it is necessary. One question remains, how often should you perform vacuum cleaning? We are here to answer that question once and for all.

Floors of all types and random places around the house can collect dirt, pet dander, human skin cells, and dust. That is why the vacuum cleaner is your greatest weapon to combat excessive amounts of dust and bacteria.

From a health perspective, vacuum cleaning is not only necessary but mandatory. This is something you must do.  A great vacuum cleaner will remove all the harmful bacteria and debris you bring from the outside. Moreover, most vacuum cleaners come with air filters, increasing the air quality as well.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your House?

In general, you should vacuum weekly across all surfaces such as the carpet, polished concrete, tiles, floor rugs, hardwood, and laminate. A quality vacuum cleaner is a must.

However, sharing your home with pets or various floor types will require different vacuum cleaning frequencies to maintain cleanliness. Let's dive deeper.

Carpets and Floor Rugs

Carpeted floors and floor rugs should be vacuumed twice weekly. Carpets and rugs can collect ten times more dust and soil than hard surfaces. The longer you let the dust accumulate, the harder it will be to clean it. Furthermore, the accumulation of dirt and bacteria can permanently damage your carpet and cause respiratory problems for you and your family.

Depending on the number of people in the household, try to vacuum carpets and rugs at least twice a week.

Hard Surface Floors

Hard surfaced-floors don't collect as much dust and soil as the carpets. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn't ignore them at all. To remove all the dust, dirt, and bacteria that can quickly accumulate in the corners and the crevices of your home, vacuum weekly.

Weekly vacuum cleaning is sufficient for hard surface floors. But, because dust and allergens can get caught between wooden floorboards, tiles, and corners, make sure your vacuum cleaner is equipped with the right accessories for quick and easy vacuuming.

Vacuuming With Pets

Pet lovers and owners know how much pet hair and dander you can find on the floor daily. Furthermore, pets that have yards and go outside frequently can bring additional dirt and bacteria.

Dust and dander can cause allergies and other respiratory diseases. For this reason, you need to vacuum daily. If you don't have time, pay attention to the areas your pet is staying and playing the most, and purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner. They can be a life-saver.

Tips for More Efficient Vacuuming

Use a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

A quality vacuum cleaner will prolong the lifespan of your carpets but protect your wooden surfaces as well. Moreover, most quality vacuum machines feature a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. This filter will collect as much dust, dirt, dander, and bacteria as possible.

If you are in the market for a quality vacuum cleaner, visit Superior Vacuums.

First Dust, Then Vacuum

In general, you should dust first, then vacuum. The reason for this is simple. If you brush your furniture and upholstery after cleaning, dust will fall on the floor, leaving your carpets and floor surfaces dusty and dirty.

Horizontal and Vertical

When vacuum cleaning, make sure you go both horizontally and vertically. Do this slowly so your vacuum can absorb as much dust and bacteria as possible.

Another helpful tip is to use the crevice tool and other accessories available. These attachments can be useful for corners and other areas that are not accessible with a standard vacuum head.


In summary, vacuum cleaning is something you should do weekly. Don't wait for the dirt to build up in your carpets or around the edges of the room. Because every household is unique, vacuum your home according to the number of people and pets living in it.


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