Hardwood Floors: Best Vacuum Types

Did you know that vacuum cleaners can potentially harm the hardwood floors in your home? Choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner can damage your hardwood floors, creating an expensive problem to fix.

Trust the experts at Superior Vacuums, one of the top vacuum stores in Calgary, Alberta. We are here to help guide you towards making the right vacuum cleaner purchase for your home. This article will equip you to choose a vacuum cleaner that will thoroughly clean and maintain your hardwood floors.

Reconsider the Upright Vacuum

Powerful, convenient, and light; upright vacuum cleaners are a common recommendation for most customers. But you should reconsider an upright vacuum when it comes to hardwood floors. Why do you wonder? Because of several reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Thick Bristles: The main reason is that regular upright vacuums come with thick bristles that can easily damage your hardwood floors. It is important to buy a proper hardwood vacuum, something we are going to discuss soon.
  • Wheels: Another essential thing to keep in mind is that the wheels that your upright vacuums have can also drag on the floor, causing damage- something that you really don't want to happen.
  • Weight: Adding to both of these factors is the regular vacuums; keep in mind that something is resting on the wheels and the brunt of that weight also ultimately comes to your floor, resulting in high chances of damage.

Alternative Vacuum Types to Consider

There are a couple of other vacuum types to consider for your hardwood floors. Let us now look at the main alternatives that are available. as well as the pros and cons associated with each of these:

Canister Vacuums

One of the simplest solutions is to find a vacuum that does not have either of the main problems that cause the damage. This is easy to do if you go for a canister vacuum. There are many canister vacuums available at our vacuum store in Calgary, and you are sure to find a model to fit your price point.

Besides the fact that the vacuum heads have no bristles or wheels, they are also fairly portable. Generally, the wheels on the canister itself are rubberized, so it is safe for the lightweight canister to roll around the floors. Also, most canister vacuums have handles, so you can carry them for a quick clean or on a smaller area if you are worried about leaving marks on the floor.

If you’re considering canister vacuums, be sure to click here to check out some of the best Canister Vacuums available in our vacuum store. These are good candidates for cleaning your hardwood floors.

Light-stick Hardwood Floor Vacuums

One of the other options you can choose to go for is a Stick Vacuum. Their light weight reduces the potential of any damage or marks on your hardwood floor and makes them convenient and portable. These are great for quick pickups or maintenance of an area.

Most are designed to ensure compatibility with both hardwood floors and carpets. Not all these vacuums work on the same principle; some of them naturally adapt to both, while some others have specific extensions meant for each kind of flooring.

The Miele Blizzard: A model worth considering.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about the exact model you would like to go for, here’s a recommendation that every vacuum expert would agree with: the Miele Blizzard Hard Floor Canister Vacuum (CX1).

This model will provide great value for your money, ensuring that your floor remains in the best shape. This vacuum cleaner will make cleaning easier and quicker; with benefits ranging from a 1200-Watt Vortex Technology cleaner as well as proper dust separation with the HEPA AirClean Filters. It also consistently maintains low levels of noise that canister vacuums are known for.



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