Comparing Miele Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Comparing Miele Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners that hold all the debris and dirt in a vacuum bag, bagless vacuums provide better quality, multiple-stage filtration as well as a more sanitary clean. More advanced models such as the Miele Canister Vacuums are more environmentally friendly and less costly to operate than their bagged counterparts, and each one is specifically built for a particular type of user.

 In this article, we will evaluate the four most popular bagless Miele vacuum models, which are the Cat & Dog, ElectroPlus, Pure Suction, and Turbo Team. 

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Vacuum

Ideal if you’re a pet owner, this bagless vacuum cleaner has a robust filtration system that allows it to accumulate smaller particles of debris. These filtration measures help minimize dander from pets and are great for households with residents suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. The debris is kept out of the air, reducing the possibility of breathing problems for people at risk.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Vacuum features various attachments that enable cleaning of different types of high and low-pile carpets. The additional attachments on the vacuum also allow you to clean upholstery and hardwood floors, so you won’t have any problem cleaning up after your pet.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 ElectroPlus Bagless Vacuum

This environmental-friendly bagless vacuum from Miele will help you save money and time.  It is one of the most effective machines on the market, equipped with Vortex technology. The ElectroPlus features large airflows with speeds of more than 100 km/h that helps segregate fine and coarse debris and create a deeper, more hygienic clean.

Crafted with a sense of comfort in mind, the ElectroPlus utilizes a maintenance-free filter that cleans itself automatically while still collecting 99.98 percent of all dust particles. The ergonomic overall design prevents the ElectroPlus from placing discomfort or pressure on the user.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Vacuum

An extremely lightweight machine that only weighs about 9 pounds, the Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Vacuum by Miele is ideal in cleaning hardwood floors. The Pure Suction is the ultimate economical vacuum for smaller-sized homes which packs an immense cleaning power with its 1200- watt motor.

The Pure Suction Bagless Vacuum's lightweight design will not place too much weight or strain on hardwood floors which can easily be damaged. It is also fitted with several attachments that are suitable for cleaning hardwood flooring. Each hose attachment of the Pure Suction vacuum provides a broader and even suction, which hardwood floors need to be appropriately cleaned. 

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team Bagless Vacuum

This model of Miele bagless vacuum uses an air-driven spinning agitator brush that effectively sweeps up dirt wedged up onto thicker carpets. This characteristic of the Turbo Team makes it perfect if your house has low or medium-mile carpets which demand a little extra strength to clean up fully. It is an affordable choice for those who are looking for a reliable cleaner for less than an investment upfront. The Miele Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team Bagless Vacuum can easily handle small to medium-sized homes.

Choosing the Best Miele Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

To look for the best vacuum for your home, you need to consider certain factors such as your price range, air quality, power requirements, and the attachments that you need. Larger homes need machines with stronger features and more power that can be more expensive, but it would be enough for those homes that aren't large, less powerful, and smaller vacuums. If there are residents in your home who have breathing problems and require intensive filtration, consider buying a machine designed to collect allergens and smaller dust particles.

Here at Superior Vacuums, we offer a range of Miele Vacuums and attachments that are specifically suited to certain floors and furniture. These quality products are all available in our Vacuum Shop in Calgary.

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