Central Vacuums: Everything You Need to Know

Why Your Home Needs a Central Vacuum System

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners designed for various types of lifestyles and living situations. One of the best and most recommended types that you can use at home is a central vacuum system. In this article, we will discuss the best central vacuum systems and how they work, as well as their benefits and proper installation.

What is a Central Vacuum?

Otherwise known as built-in or ducted, a central vacuum cleaner requires installation in your building. Generally, this is done during construction, but a central vacuum system can be retrofitted into an existing home or business.

This type of vacuum cleaner is designed to eliminate dirt and debris from homes and buildings by transferring dirt and dust into a collection container within a secluded utility space through tubes installed inside the walls. The vacuum's power unit is a permanent fixture and is often placed alongside the collection container in a storage room, garage, or basement. Across the whole building, inlets are placed inside the walls which connect power hoses as well as other central vacuum accessories to take particles, dust, and small debris away from the interior spaces.

Benefits Central Vacuum Systems

There are many advantages to installing a central vacuum cleaner system and that includes:

Simple to Use

A lot of central vacuum systems are very simple to use. You just need to connect the hose, and the vacuum will be on. There won't be any part of the house that the hose won't reach since the location of the inlet valves can be chosen by you.

Cleaner Air

One of the disadvantages of using traditional vacuum cleaners is the possibility of a "blow-back", where dust may return back into the room's atmosphere through the exhaust outlet. This won't be an issue with a central system since the dirt is eliminated into a remotely situated dust canister. So if there would be any blow-back, it would be extremely remote.

Minimized Wear and Tear

Using a central vacuum cleaner means that you will no longer need to carry around a hand-held vacuum with you. Your walls and floors will be protected from scratches or scuffs caused by heavy vacuum cleaners carried up and down the stairs. You also won't need to worry about long cord tripping or replacing drive belts.

Silent Operation

Central vacuum systems are perfect for people who would opt for a quiet vacuum cleaner. With motors that are usually placed outside, central vacuums within the house are virtually silent. What you will hear is just the sound of suction, as the dust is drawn into the unit.

Perfect for Limited Mobility

Heavy vacuum cleaners can present issues for people who might not be as mobile as they would like to be. It would be more convenient for them to use a central vacuum cleaner since all they need to do is to raise the hose. The inlet valves can also be positioned in locations that are easy to access.

How to Choose a Central Vacuum

Choosing the right central vacuum system for your home could be a challenging task, especially if you do not know which brands make quality equipment, or how strong of a central vacuum they really need for your house. As most companies have started to drop their quality standards, it's crucial to know who is offering the best machines available at the best possible price.

The very first thing that you must consider when buying a central vacuum is the size of your house. To choose the right power unit, you must get a rough estimate of your home's floor area. When you determine the square footage of your house, you can take it and then double it, and afterward find a central vacuum which is measured up to that amount. This is often advised since when these ratings are obtained by the manufacturers, they assess the machines at the power unit, not at an inlet valve that has an expansive pipe run and then a 30-35 feet hose.

To find the best central vacuum cleaner, all the various features that make each and every central vacuum brand unique have to be looked into. The most relevant of these features are suction power or air watts, warranty duration, and the power unit's outer casing.  You should go with a stainless steel package to guarantee a longer life. Also, the suction power is important and can be defined most accurately by the machine's air watts. The air watts are a mixture of the airflow and the water-lift, which are among the most essential measurements. The last specification that you should always remember is the central vacuum's warranty. Some manufacturers guarantee the motor and electrical components somewhere between 6-10 years and a lifetime warranty on the power unit body of their product.

Central Vacuum Installation 

The key to a successful central vacuum installation is the right planning of the layout and process. Installing a central vacuum starts with locating and setting up the power unit in the basement, garage or any other place that is out of the way. The next step is to install inlet valves in wall-mounted or floor receptacles that are strategically located across the home. Then finally, plastic piping must be run from the inlet valves to the power unit. This tubing that goes through the floors and walls brings dirt and dust into a collection container that is attached to the power unit.

Besides finding the right central vacuum system for your house, you may also want to find the right installer for it. The best solution is often to talk with friends and neighbours who already have a system installed. The best way to guarantee service is always to seek suggestions. Recommendations and advice from friends can sometimes lead you to a better deal.

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