Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum Systems

The experts at Superior Vacuum in Calgary have extensive knowledge when it comes to Central Vacuum Systems and offers sales, installation and maintenance. Today we will go over some of the benefits of a central vacuum system and why you should consider having one installed in your home.

A central vacuum system for most homeowners generally came with their house and it’s easy to take its benefits for granted. Central vacuum systems are convenient, powerful and quiet systems that can make cleaning less of a chore and improve the air quality in your home.

Central Vacuum System Benefits


The motor of a central vacuum system is contained in a large canister, generally out of sight in a place like a garage, utility closet or basement. This allows for a much stronger motor which will have a significant boost in cleaning power when compared to a canister or upright vacuum. No need to make multiple passes when cleaning with these vacuums. Making short work of any mess, there are cleaning heads available for all floor types.


Another benefit of having the motor in a contained space and away from your living area is the reduced noise while vacuuming. While the main unit of the central vacuum system is on average louder than a portable vacuum, the noise is contained. Any noise created by the main unit will generally be far from the areas you will be cleaning, especially for other people in the house.


When cleaning with a central vacuum system, you will be relieved by only having to carry the vacuum hose, wand and cleaning head. No need to lug around a motor contained in your canister or upright vacuum. Canister vacuums are also prone to bumping into walls, a problem that can be avoided with a central vacuum system. With the option for a retractable hose or kickplate, you can make cleaning your home simple.

Air Quality

Central vacuums are more powerful than any portable vacuum offered on the market today. Owing to this, they are better at eliminating allergens and dust from your home. Also, these allergens are completely removed from your living area and contained in the main unit. A central vacuum will not only lead to a cleaner home but an allergy-free home as well.

If you are sensitive to allergies, then the installation of a Central Vacuum System should be a top consideration. To go a step further with the reduction of allergens, consider a central vacuum system with a built-in HEPA filter. Superior Vacuums is the exclusive supplier of the Nilfisk HEPA Central Vacuum System, the top offering on the market today.


Vacuuming the stairs can be one of the most difficult tasks in your cleaning regiment. Canister vacuums are cumbersome to lug up the stairs and a powerful upright vacuum can be quite heavy. Lightweight stick vacuums can provide a good alternative but pale in comparison to central vacuum systems as they struggle to properly clean these high traffic areas. Provided there is an outlet close by, cleaning your stairs with a central vacuum system is a breeze.

Home Resale Value

Planning to sell your home anytime soon? A central vacuum system will stand out as a differentiating feature and add value to your listing. Many new homes built in Calgary include a central vacuum system and most will not consider moving to another house without one.

Central Vacuum System Considerations


While Superior Vacuums strives to offer the most competitive pricing on central vacuum systems and installation in Calgary, they can be costly to both purchase and install. It is important to choose the right system for your home and our expert staff has the training and experience to answer all your inquiries. It is important that your central vacuum system is installed by professionals. We have offered central vacuum installations in Calgary for over 30 years.


Central Vacuum Systems from reputable manufacturers such as Vacuflo and Nilfisk are well crafted and can work effectively for over 20 years if properly maintained. As a part of your home, like a furnace, a central vacuum system will require a regular maintenance schedule. Plan to put away a few hundred dollars per year in maintenance costs. To ensure your central vacuum system maintains its peak efficiency, we recommend scheduling regular service intervals with our expert team at Superior Vacuums. We also stock central vacuum system parts and can repair all makes and models.


A common complaint of central vacuum systems is the storage of the vacuum hose. Vacuum hoses are generally quite long and can be cumbersome to use and store. This grievance is only related to older installations of vacuum systems as customers can now opt to install retractable hose systems. Retractable systems can hold the hose in a tube hidden within the wall, leaving only the wand and head to need storage. Another consideration is the installation of a vacuum kickplate in your kitchen. This will reduce the frequency of vacuuming and you can simply sweep the mess near the grate and have it sucked into the wall.

That concludes our overview of central vacuum systems and why you should consider installing one in your home. Be sure to check out all our central vacuum kits. Superior Vacuum has two locations in Calgary for your convenience, visit our North or South locations and talk to the experts.

If you are looking to learn more about central vacuum systems in Calgary, feel free to contact us at Superior Vacuums. A professionally installed system can last decades and has many benefits such as improved indoor air quality and convenience. We are proud to offer VACUFLO and H-P Central Vacuum Systems as they are backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, that lasts for as long as you own your house! In addition to air quality and convenience, a central vacuum system offers great value and can help increase your home value. As certified VACUFLO and H-P Central Vacuum System installers, our team can easily retrofit into existing builds.

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At Superior Vacuums, we're your ultimate destination for central vacuum systems. From a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories to expert sales, installation, and repair services, we've got everything you need to keep your system running smoothly. Our experienced team specializes in providing top-quality maintenance solutions, ensuring your system performs at its best for years to come. With convenient online ordering and superior customer service, we're here to make your central vacuum system experience seamless and hassle-free. Trust Superior Vacuums for all your central vacuum needs, including installation, and discover the difference today!

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