Broken Vacuum: How to Diagnose

Your vacuum cleaner's mechanics might be simple, but some maintenance and repair are still required. There are many vacuum cleaner issues that you can learn to solve quickly by yourself, which can save you money and time.

In this article, we have listed the most common issues that cause a vacuum cleaner to break.

The Vacuum Is Not Powering On

Checking if you have electricity is the first thing that you must do if your vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Oftentimes, it could also be that the plugs aren’t plugged in the outlet, have fallen out, or was connected to an outlet that is faulty or damaged. If it's a cordless vacuum, you will have to try charging the battery. 

The problem could possibly be originating from the vacuum cord as well. Make sure that it is not frayed or the prongs are not bent.

Also, see to it that your vacuum cleaner has a bag put in place. There are vacuums that will not work without a bag present because of a fail-safe trigger. The bag should also be replaced if it is over half full.

You should also inspect the pre-filter of your machine, and make sure that it is not hard, or dirt-filled. The pre-filter needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent damage and prolong the machine's service life.

The Vacuum Is Not Staying On

If your vacuum cleaner keeps turning off, inspect the circuit breaker which is usually found on its powerhead. If the light is red, it could be that your vacuum is short-circuiting because of debris accumulation on your brush roll. The blockage would need to be cleared and the breaker reset. Worn power cables may also cause this type of problem on your vacuum cleaner.

The Vacuum Cleaner Loses Suction

The inefficient suction on the vacuum can often be misunderstood as a result of utilizing the wrong height configuration. You need to make sure that the height of the vacuum is matched appropriately with the type of surface.

Also, see to it that the vacuum bag is not blocked or too full, and make sure to always replace bags when they are over half-filled.

Next, check the other parts of the vacuum which may be prone to or debris accumulation or blockage. It is common to have blockages in the brush roll, filter, and hose. Common household items like scissors can be used to remove hair and other objects stuck in the brush roll.

Filters should also be checked in vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration devices. Depending on the usage, the filter should be replaced every 3-6 months. A filter that is well maintained is usually white in color.

The Vacuum Doesn’t Pick Up The Debris

You should examine the brush roll if your vacuum leaves behind debris and there is a failure of suction. The brush bristles could be worn out and must be changed if they don’t stretch further from the vacuum's bottom surface anymore.

Another factor that could be causing this vacuum problem is a broken or blocked hose. To find that out, detach the hose, look for any remaining debris and attempt to force it out. You should also inspect the house for any leaks or cracks.

The Vacuum Cleaner Is Particularly Noisy

A clogged up hose is one of the most probable reasons for unusual noises on your machine. It is also possible that the belts have come loose or broken. If the vacuum belt looks worn off, too loose, or tightly pulled, you would have to replace it.

If you have already narrowed down the list of possible maintenance problems and your machine still isn't working properly, it could be time for a vacuum cleaner repair.

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  • Samuel Williams

    Great breakdown of common vacuum issues and how to troubleshoot them! It’s essential to check these components regularly to maintain a vacuum’s performance. Thank you for providing such detailed and helpful tips for diagnosing vacuum problems. And your offer for repair services sounds fantastic – it’s good to know there’s a reliable option for vacuum repairs with such extensive experience. A valuable resource for anyone facing vacuum troubles! visit:

  • Gaynor

    I have a rapid power plus van,
    It is expelling all the water out of the side, without pushing the button on the handle
    plus its noisy when turning off
    It is still Sucking water up

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