Benefits of a Central Vacuum

Many homeowners have opted for central vacuum cleaners, mainly due to their efficiency and ease. These modernized vacuums are affixed in buildings as semi-permanent appliances with a built-in tubing to transport dirt and debris into a collection container.

Typically, a house with a central vacuum is consistently healthier, cleaner, and noise-free. For your appraisal, we have come up with a list of benefits of using this cleaning appliance in your home. These include:

Noise-free operation

When installing a central vacuum, the motor is set up in your basement or garage, meaning that it will operate quietly. In addition to that, you will be able to sleep, read, work or even watch TV while someone else is vacuuming.

Healthier and cleaner atmosphere

Portable vacuums exhaust hot air and dust back into the place being cleaned. On top of that, vacuum smell, also known as acrid, will be generated from the vacuum cleaner's head when this happens.

In contrast, central vacuums usually extract dust and dirt then transport the particles into an outdoor exhaust outlet. As a result, you receive cleaner air and the eradication of allergens. This will give you an overall, healthier environment.

Simple operation

When you visit a local vacuum store, you will find portable vacuums that require you to carry around while vacuuming. These vacuums usually have attached canisters that store dust or dirt.

On the other hand, central vacuums have a collection container typically installed in your garage or basement. You can now easily clean all those difficult-to-reach areas without having to drag the vacuum around the space being cleaned. Even cleansing the stairs will be a breeze for you.

It does not require regular emptying

Central vacuums can hold up to 22 pounds of dust or dirt without emptying. All this is possible due to a spacious disposable filter bag located outdoors.

As for the portable vacuums, it is recommended that you empty them each time you use them, or rather when it reaches half or two-thirds until filling. This can be extremely exhausting and infuriating, while a central vacuum allows you to empty around 3-4 times a year.

However, you must replace the filter bag cautiously to prevent leaks and allow adequate airflow.

Long-lasting investment

Investing your cash in a central vacuum is 100% worth it since you do not have to worry about frequent damages. It is also perceived that the vacuum can last up to 20 years of use, even though the motor brushes would require replacement, probably once in ten years of service.

Typically, a portable vacuum has a limited life expectancy since you can accidentally drop it or collide it on another object. That means that it can only last depending on how you take care of it.

Satisfactory cleaning

The motors in central vacuums are three times more powerful than those in portable vacuums. This implies that they can handle even the toughest substances, including wire trimmings, plaster, flour, or other dry material. But that does not mean that you can use it to clean toxic materials as it may later cause harm.

In addition, the filter bag should be able to withstand the hard debris without causing breakage or blockage. This will allow the central vacuum to remove deep particles and grit without getting damaged.

Visit a Vacuum Store in Calgary!

There you have it; those are the top benefits of a central vacuum cleaner. Now, it would be easier for you to understand why it is much preferred by many homeowners. If you are searching for a premium and cost-friendly central vacuum, then consider getting one from a vacuum store in Calgary where you can find experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining central vacuums.

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