Are Central Vacuums Worth It?

A central vacuum installation can be a costly purchase for many home and property owners. Are central vacuum cleaners worth the investment? The simple answer is yes; read on to learn more about the advantages.

Reduced Noise

When we mention vacuums, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably how noisy they are. There’s never a suitable time to vacuum unless we are alone. Kids hate it when they have to wake up to that particular noise. Maybe your partner is trying to work or watch TV. Since the central vacuum unit is installed in the basement or outside, there is far less noise. You can enjoy cleaning in peace.

Easy to Maneuver

With the Central vacuum cleaner outlets installed in every room, there is no reason for you to carry it around the house, making it easier to clean your house. Some installations even offer retractable hoses, so everything is ready to go when you need it.

Allergen Reduction

Central vacuum systems are especially great if you suffer from allergies caused by dust and an unclean environment. You can say goodbye to constantly cleaning the filter. Their bag is larger than a standard one, which can store up more waste and filth. When considering how expensive it may be, keep in mind that every investment gives a good result, and it pays back. Your house and your health will be grateful.

Choose Expert Central Vacuum Installers

Superior Vacuums has been a trusted source for Central Vacuum Systems in Calgary for over 30 years and offers high-quality brands like Vacuflow, HP, and Nilfisk.

Their knowledgeable staff can help you in selecting the best central vacuum for your home. Your central vacuum system must be installed correctly! The trained team at Superior Vacuums can provide professional central vacuum installation in Calgary for both homeowners and home builders. They've built an extensive dealer and installer network and offer sales, service, and parts for most vacuum cleaner brands.

Superior Vacuums have everything you need, from new and rebuilt vacuums to maintenance, repairs, and components. We are also the exclusive supplier of Nilfisk's European HEPA built-in central vac systems and significant dealers for Miele and SEBO, two German top-of-the-line manufacturers.

If you’re spending a couple of extra money on a good vacuum cleaner, at least choose a trustworthy place and let professionals guide you and install it for you.

Central Vacuums are Worth The Investment

When you consider all the advantages of central vacuums, as well as the cost, it's easy to see why they'll add value to your home. Such additions are attractive to buyers and investors as investing in one will help you raise the value of your property. When you consider how much it might cost, the ROI is positive.

These advantages are important reasons to consider investing in central vacuums. Go to your nearest trusted vacuum store in Calgary to find the ideal model for your home!

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