A Few Effective Tips to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner This Halloween

The Halloween festival is forthcoming! Now, the time has come to keep your home clean and smelling good. But is your vacuum cleaner running at its peak performance? Do, you know how to maintain it? Thankfully, several maintenance practices can maximize the effectiveness of this appliance and prolong its lifespan. And these are what we have revealed in this blog. So, keep reading!

How to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to clean your home thoroughly within the shortest possible time. And that is why the future of the vacuum cleaner market looks promising, as its demand is increasing. But as an owner of this appliance, consider following the tips to keep it long-lasting.

Replace the Bag Regularly

It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to maintain your vacuum cleaner. Many people think that the bags should be replaced when they are full. But to keep this machine working at its best, replace the bag regularly. Remember, debris needs space to enter the bags. Visit our Facebook page to know more.

Is the Bag Attached Properly?

To make your house clean, keep your vacuum cleaner as effective as possible. So, ensure that the bag is properly attached. Whether you have a vacuum cleaner of Miele, Vacuflo, Ghibli, Oreck or Johnny Vac, the method of attaching the bag differs from brand to brand. If you can’t attach the bag properly, the debris would not enter the bag. And the appliance will not give you the result you expect.

Clean the Brush Roll

Check the brush roll of your vacuum cleaner, as certain items may get wrapped around the roll. And these are what prevent it from spinning. You may either remove the objects when the roll is in place or remove them. But it’s wise to remove the roll to keep it effective. Check videos on Instagram to know how to do it.

Check the Belt

Check the belt to keep the roll in place. If it is not tight against the roll, you should replace it. Therefore, check whether it's stretched out, narrow or frayed. It’s best to replace the belt every six months or once a year. But it depends on the frequency you use this appliance and the brand.

We can be a one-stop solution for your vacuum cleaner. Apart from offering this appliance from reputable brands, we specialize in in-house repairs. So, contact us immediately if you need our help!

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