Spot®: Elegance System

Spot Hide A Hose central Vacuum installations system

Spot® revolutionizes central vacuum systems with its innovative hide-a-hose concept, simplifying rough-ins for effortless cleaning. This aesthetically pleasing solution, backed by a reliable warranty, ensures a cleaner and more efficient living space.


Why Spot?

The Spot Central Vacuum System is an innovative solution designed to
revolutionize your cleaning routine. It introduces an advanced
hide-a-hose concept for seamless and efficient cleaning.

The hide-a-hose feature conceals the retractable hose in high-traffic
areas, ensuring quick and easy access for cleaning. This groundbreaking
design simplifies rough-ins and adapts to various cleaning needs.

Spot's uniqueness lies in its advanced hose concealment, transforming
the cleaning process. It adapts to your needs effortlessly, making it a
more convenient and efficient alternative to traditional vacuum systems.

Absolutely. Spot is designed for easy installation, making it a
versatile solution for various spaces. The surface-mounted design adds
to the convenience of placement.

Spot goes beyond functionality; it's designed to complement your home
decor. The valve doors come in several colors, allowing you to choose an
option that seamlessly integrates with your interior style.

Spot is a reliable addition to your home, backed by an industry-leading
warranty. This assurance reflects its durability and performance,
providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Absolutely. Spot is equipped with a built-in 360° swivel hose handle,
adding versatility to its functionality. Whether it's a quick clean-up
or a more thorough task, Spot adapts to your cleaning requirements.

Spot offers a range of optional accessories to meet every cleaning need.
These accessories enhance the adaptability of the system, allowing you
to customize your cleaning experience.

Spot ®

Spot ®

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