Hida-A-Hose: Vacuum Harmony Hub

Hide A Hose central Vacuum System

Hide-A-Hose transforms central vacuum systems with its advanced hide-a-hose concept. Effortless cleaning, streamlined rough-ins, and a sleek design redefine efficiency for a cleaner, more functional home.


Why Hide-A-Hose?

The Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System is an innovative solution that
redefines efficiency in cleaning. It introduces an advanced hide-a-hose
concept, seamlessly integrating retractable hoses for quick and easy

Hide-A-Hose conceals hoses effortlessly, streamlining the cleaning
process and simplifying rough-ins. The retractable hoses adapt to
various cleaning needs, providing a convenient solution for different

Hide-A-Hose stands out with its forward-thinking design, combining
efficiency in rough-ins with a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly
integrates into your living space. It offers a cleaner look without
compromising on functionality.

Absolutely. Hide-A-Hose is designed for easy installation, providing a
versatile solution for various spaces. Its adaptability and simplicity
streamline the rough-in process.

Hide-A-Hose is a reliable addition to your home, backed by a dependable
warranty. This assurance reflects its durability and performance, giving
you peace of mind in your investment.

Hide-A-Hose goes beyond functionality, seamlessly integrating its
hide-a-hose concept into your home for a cleaner look. The system's
design complements your living space without sacrificing efficiency.

Absolutely. Hide-A-Hose's retractable hoses adapt to various cleaning
needs, offering a convenient solution for a range of scenarios. Its
versatility ensures an efficient and tailored cleaning experience.

Hide-A-Hose's innovation lies in its hide-a-hose concept, transforming
the cleaning process and simplifying rough-ins. It seamlessly blends
advanced technology, functionality, and aesthetics for a cleaner living

Retractable Hose System

Retractable Hose System

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