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Vacuflo Built In Central Vacuum Systems: 5 Types for Every Size

Vacuflo central vacuum true cyclonic type
Vacuflo Filtered Cyclonic Central Vacuum
Disposable Bag vacuflo central vacuum
Vacuflo built in central vacuum systems Inverted Filter self clean central vacuum
Vacuflo built in central vacuum systems intervac condo unit

      Superior Vacuums: Vacuflo Built In Central Vacuum Systems

      At Superior Vacuums, find top-quality H-P Vacuflo Built In Central Vacuum Systems, expert repair services, and essential parts in Calgary. Our commitment to excellence ensures a cleaner, healthier home for you.

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      Vacuflo Built In Central Vacuum: Five Unique Systems!

      Vacuflo Built In Central Vacuum True Cyclonic System
      1. True Cyclonic:

      • VACUFLO True Cyclonic Power Unit provides sustained cleaning power using cyclonic filtration, separating dirt from airflow without bags or filters.
      • Features a powerful, high-performance motor for reliable, lasting performance.
      • Removes 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust, and allergens from your home.
      • Utilizes cyclonic filtration for sustained power without needing bags or filters.
      • Offers a range of units suitable for any home size.
      • Requires outdoor exhaust.

      2. Filtered Cyclonic:

      • The Dirt Devil Filtered Cyclonic Power Unit uses cyclonic separation for primary filtration and a pleated filter for secondary filtration.
      • Ensures strong vacuum power with proven motor performance.
      • Includes an on-board canister inlet valve for enhanced cyclonic cleaning.
      • Features replaceable cartridge filters for optimal filtration and system performance, with HEPA filters available.
      • Long-lasting filters, recommended to be changed annually.

      Vacuflo built in central vacuum filtered cyclonic system
      Disposable Bag vacuflo central vacuum
      3. Disposable Bag:

      • The Element Disposable Bag Power Unit revolutionizes central vacuum cleaning, allowing for dirt disposal without contact.
      • Triple-layer CleanShield filter bags trap dust as small as .3 microns, ensuring no escape of dirt.
      • Features a high-performance motor for strong vacuum power.
      • The DB7000, DB8000, and DB9000 models include a CarbonCapture®Filter to prevent carbon dust from escaping the motor compartment.
      • Ensures 100% elimination of vacuumed dirt, dust, and allergens.

      4. Inverted Filter - Self Clean:

      • Element Central Vacuums offer dual-filtration with cyclonic action for consistent vacuum power.
      • Features a permanent, self-cleaning filter that never needs replacement, protecting indoor air quality.
      • The filter shroud deflects heavy dirt, depositing it into the dirt canister.
      • Includes a high-capacity, translucent dirt canister that requires emptying 3-4 times a year.
      • On-board inlet valve with on/off switch for convenient cleaning at the power unit.
      Vacuflo built in central vacuum Inverted filter system
      Vacuflo built in central vacuum condo system
      5. interVac Model 660 Condo Unit:

      • Available in surface and flush mount models, perfect for new constructions, replacements, or additions.
      • Compact design with the industry's smallest power unit footprint.
      • Offers hypoallergenic filtration with an integrated rib system for bag compaction.
      • Features an on-board inlet valve and is suitable for homes up to 2,500 sq. ft.
      • Boasts a 2-gallon filter bag capacity and comes with a 3-year warranty.

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      NGBS Green Innovation Certified

      Home Innovation Research Labs has awarded its Green Certification™ to H-P Products, the manufacturer of VACUFLO Built In Central Vacuum System, for meeting the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. This certification highlights their dedication to enhancing indoor air quality and delivering sustainable, efficient products.

      Customers Praise for VacuFlo Built In Central Vacuum System


      Been with Vacuflo for 10 years - great service, love the Hide a Hose. Good value, highly recommend. Solid 10/10.

      Moira A

      I was looking for a central vac that was strong unlike ones i have used
      in the past. Great service, and a great central vac. The power of it
      feels great and it has no filter to change.


      Vacuflo was recommended by my designer and installed my entire central vacuum system. I love this system and the company did an excellent job; I tell everyone about them. No complaints.


      Second Vacuflo purchase, works well, fair pricing. Recommended for anyone who is looking for a built in central vacuum system.

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