HP DB1300 Central Vacuum Power Unit with TurboCat Kit

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Kit includes: HP DB1300 Central Vacuum Power Unit and TurboCat Turbine Powerhead Kit

HP DB1300 Central Vacuum Power Unit:



H-P Inverted Filter Central Vacuums offer a dual-filtration design with cyclonic action to provide consistent vacuum power. Best of all, H-P Inverted Filter Central Vacuums feature a permanent filter, which never needs to be replaced! With H-P central vacs, you’ll enjoy hassle-free cleaning performance year after year

  • Recommended for Homes up to 3500 Sq. Ft.
  • Proven Motor Performance translates into strong vacuum power (520 Air Watts)
  • Filter shroud deflects heavy dirt particles, and deposits them into the dirt canister
  • Self-cleaning, permanent CleanShield™ filter captures fine dust particles, eliminating the need for an outdoor exhaust.
  • High-capacity, translucent dirt canister needs emptied 3-4 times per year
  • On-board inlet valve with on/off switch allows convenient cleaning at the power unit location
  • Level of Quietness 66.7 dBA (Based on ASTM standards)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


    TurboCat Turbine Powerhead Kit

    TURBOCAT Turbine Powerhead:

    The TurboCat® Powerhead is an air-driven turbine that requires no electricity or batteries to operate.  It harnesses the power of your central vacuum system to provide you with a deep and thorough clean to your carpet.  It was designed to be lightweight and to have the ability to easily slide under sofas, beds and dressers.  The Deep Sweep Brush Roller scoops up dirt deep within your carpet.

    • No Batteries or additional power needed, runs off your Central Vacuum
    • The make-up of the Turbo Cat turbine allows for enhanced airflow and constant contact with the floor surface
    • Compatible with major most brands of central vacuum systems

    Kit Includes:

    Hose W/ON-OFF Switch and 360 Swivel, TURBOCAT Turbine Powerhead, Rug-Rat Turbine power Brush, Telescopic Wand, Bare Floor Brush, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Hose Rack, Clip-on Tool Caddy

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