Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Uses

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Uses

The vacuum cleaner is among the most popular household appliances available today. However, a cause for confusion may be the many different parts that they come with. These vacuum cleaner attachments can be very confusing, but they are also quite useful. In this article, we will discuss what the different types of vacuum accessories are and how they are used.

Floor tools

Floor tools are vacuum cleaner attachments that are designed to clean various surfaces and enable you to achieve a better result on tiled or wooden floors. Hard floor tools usually have wheels and bristles which help them easily maneuver around hard floors, unlike the standard vacuum cleaner head.

Crevice tools

The crevice tool can help if you need to get down the side of the fridge or in the living room corner. This thin pointy attachment features a small nozzle that fits into tight places and corners you would otherwise not be able to reach.

It can be difficult to maneuver a big vacuum along a stairway. Using a crevice tool would make it easier for you to clean along the edges and corners of your stairs.

Upholstery Attachment

With a felted fabric surface, this tiny tool is suitable for sensitive fabric surfaces such as drapes, chairs, sofas, and mattresses. Usually, these are brush attachments built to help you clean chairs and lounges by softly removing the dirt and dust away. They are especially effective for cleaning pet hair.

To use upholstery attachments on mattresses and cloth surfaces, you need to work in a vertical or horizontal direction from top to bottom

Turbobrush or Small Vacuum Cleaner Head

This vacuum attachment, which looks like a mini vacuum cleaner head, has a strong suction that operates well on stairs.

Dust Brush

Typically, a vacuum brush attachment has a circular brush head and is particularly efficient to use in picking up dust and debris without damaging surfaces. It works exceptionally well on wooden surfaces, shelves, and window blinds.

Walls and ceilings can be better cleaned using a circular dust brush attachment. To reach these higher areas, it might be necessary to connect an extension to your attachment or use a small ladder or step stool. When you vacuum, work your way down from the ceiling to the floor in a vertical direction.

This tool functions wonderfully when used in vent slats of air conditioners and furnaces where dust seems to be accumulating especially during seasons when the furnace or air conditioner is running more often. To decrease the chance of scratching, the dust brush attachment can also be used to clean leather furniture as well as blind slats.

Hose adapters

Hose adapters are meant to help you connect the required tools to your vacuum cleaner hoses. In particular, if you are trying to use attachments that are not unique to your vacuum cleaner brand, these vacuum accessories are extremely useful. With a smaller handheld adapter, you can use your vacuum hose for sweeping the stairs.

Blind attachments

It's a tough chore to clean vertical and roller blinds, but this task can be made simpler with the use of a blind attachment. This attachment is made for getting in between the blinds and cleaning several blinds simultaneously.

Extension Wand

An extension wand is simply a long, narrow tube used for extending your vacuum cleaner’s length. This useful tool lets you get into certain areas that are out of reach, such as ceiling corners and behind the lounge.


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  • Brian

    I came to the Kensington location to source some parts for my Vacuflow system. I was greeted by Greg Stech and he was very happy to assist me. He was able to provide me with the needed parts and even gave me a better price on one of them. Great customer service and happy to recommend them.

  • Dee Wilson

    I recently had heart surgery,so my daughter had purchased a Eureka Power speed vacuum for me as it was so lightweight she thought it would be easy for me to use. Also the sale price was so reasonable that she thought even if it didn’t work so good, no big loss. I just wanted to comment on how impressed I have been with this inexpensive little vacuum! I love that it is very lightweight, has adequate attachments,is easy to clean and has amazing power for the size & price! I couldn’t be happier with this gift/purchased. Dee Wilson

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